Thursday, February 12, 2009

Encounter at the grocery store

Chickie is very curious.  Good thing in general, bad thing when I'm in a hurry.

When I was visiting my parents, I took the kids to Wal-Mart Supercenter to pick up a few groceries.  Chickie was walking instead of riding in the cart, and she was in prime question-asking mode.  She saw some pipes (plumbing, I guess) in the corner of the dairy section.  "Wha's that, Mommy?" she asked.  "What's that?"

"I don't know, honey, they're some sort of pipe," I said.  "Come on, let's keep looking."

A male shopper overheard our conversation and decided to answer her question.

"That's where the boogie man hides!" he said with a smile.  When Chickie appeared not to hear him and I (pointedly) did not respond, he repeated his statement.  "That's where the boogie man hides!"

He looked at me, laughing.  I didn't join in the laughter; I simply moved on as quickly as possible, glad Chickie doesn't have boogiemanophobia. 

I could really turn this into a massive vent post, but I don't even think I need to.  I think it all goes without saying.  (But if you want to say it for me in the comments, by all means, please do!)


Are you going to watch Survivor tonight?  Remember, my in-laws' good friend Ben will be on it.  You can see Ben's bio here.  The newspaper in their town did an article on him--it's pretty glowing for an "objective" article, but I still really enjoyed it.  And The Engineer and I had dinner with him and The Engineer's parents a few years back, which pretty much means we can claim him as a very close friend if he wins a bunch of money, right?

It premieres on CBS at 8:00 Eastern/ 7:00 Central, tonight.


29.  Swiffer & refills
30.  3 novels

I did it!  I offered my last two items yesterday!  That means I used Freecycle to give away 30 items in 30 weekdays, if you don't count days I was out of town.  I do still have to take some stuff to Goodwill that wasn't claimed.  I still have way too much stuff so I'll keep Freecycling.


Shannon said...

How annoying!

Tia said...

I despise people like that. I mean, seriously? I had a guy tell Ellie (who was playing in with a candy bar in line at the grocery, that we did not buy) that if she ate that candy bar worms would grow in her belly. Yeah, thanks mister.

Strange Mamma said...

People are boobs. I'm sooooo sad about Survivor. It was one of the few shows that DH and I are somewhat religious about and this will be the first season we haven't watched together...well, since we've been together. I don't know when or if we'll get it here in the UK but please, no spoilers without warning for us across the pond! :P Thanks.

Call Me Cate said...

No kids here but it makes me cringe when I see that situation. People should really not butt in, especially with that kind of crap. Boogieman? What was he thinking?

Crazy Mo said...

Boogieman? What the??! If you're going to say anything, at least tell her that little fairies live in the pipes!

TesoriTrovati said...

Hey Beth! Congrats on reaching your goal. I have been watching you post about Freecycle but I don't know what that is. We are lucky in that Easter Seals picks up curbside every other month, so maybe I am already participating in something similar. And I agree about the has to go! I would be interested in joining the Freecycle moment if I had a free moment. Ha! Does anyone give those away?!? I just wouldn't want it to become more of a hassle. But I totally applaud you for doing it so that the rest of us can be inspired to do the same!
Enjoy the day!

P.S. The Neti Pot post was hysterical! You should be their poster child!

stacief said...

That guy at the store was really lame!

I am very excited about watching survivor! I love it and now I have some one to cheer for!

Chris said...

I think the Black Magic Woman would have put a chicken bone hex on that dude.

C. Beth said...

Mama to a diva--totally annoying!

Tia--Worms? Niiiice. What are people thinking?

Heather--You can watch Survivor on CBS' website I think!

Call Me Cate--I know, I don't know what he was thinking. Getting your kicks from saying scary things to kids? Geez.

Crazy Mo--Now, I like that anwser!

TesoriTrovti--That's great that Easter Seals does curbside pickup for you--how convenient!

stacief--Yaaay! Glad you're watching Survivor! Ben is going by "Coach" on the show.

Contest Chris--Ha!

Sandra said...

He is very lucky that Chickie didn't have a boogey-man phobia, and start screaming hysterically! What was he thinking. Obviously, NOT!