Thursday, February 26, 2009

Endangered species

News Release

February 26, 2009 05:00 AM CST

Addition to endangered species list announced

Associated DePressed

BLOGOSPHERE, USA (AD) A new addition to the endangered species list has been announced today.  The species Chickieo Nappius, known to laypersons as the Chickie Nap, is decreasing in number at a rapid pace.

Napwatcher C. Beth bemoaned the alarming trend.  "Just three years ago, we'd see numerous Chickie Naps every day," she said.  "Then we'd see just a couple a day, and for a long time, Napwatchers could count on seeing one Chickie Nap nearly every day."  Between choking sobs, C. Beth continued, ", we're lucky to see a few Chickie Naps a week, and this week so far we've tried and tried, but haven't seen any.  These Naps are dropping like flies.  It's alarming, and heartbreaking."

The Chickieo Nappius is seemingly being replaced by the new species, Chickieo Quiettimens, or Chickie Quiet Time.  "It's a pleasant species," C. Beth explained, "but when you've been a Napwatcher for years, it's hard to fully enjoy Quiet Times.  I guess once I get through the grief process, I'll adjust."

No one seems to have a good explanation for the anticipated extinction.  An expert explained, "These Napwatchers just need to get a grip; this is part of the normal Circle of Life.  I mean, haven't they seen The Lion King?"

Because there seems to be no way of stopping its rapid extinction, the Chickieo Nappius is likely to soon be placed in the same category as dinosaurs and dodo birds, though the Chickie Nap will certainly be the most-missed of all of them.


mullensfam said...

WOW! I cannot believe she isn't napping! Thomas and Hannah both still nap about 1.5-2 hrs. I will be sad when that ends!

EliandMe said...

I'm 28 and I still like a good nap.

Cathy said...

I'm so sorry! I remember those nap times with fond memories - only way I could get things done! Your naps lasted much longer than 3 years! I was concerned that you might be still napping when kindergarten started, but you actually had quit by then! But you may remember still having "quiet time" in the summer time (so I could have some time to myself!) -Mom

Celeste said...

My little creature's nap went extinct a few months after her 2nd birthday. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

very creative post Beth! both my kids took naps until they were 4.... we now do "Quiet Room Time" which means they can play though they have to stay in their room... this gives me a chance to lie down! good luck with quiet time!

Tia said...

Don't give up! Ellie didn't nap for a solid 2 weeks (that was about amonth ago) and is now back to a 2 hour nap everyday. Good luck. I feel your pain!!

Strange Mamma said...

Brilliant post Beth! I have to admit, I was skimming words in the first paragraph and didn't realize at first it was a spoof, I thought your blog was being referenced in a news article.

I suppose the moral of the story is that I shouldn't be too quick to get rid of the morning nap. I keep thinking how nice it would be to have more of my day to go out and do things but I'll try to remember to enjoy what I have while I still have it.

Call Me Cate said...

Climate change, that's what I would blame. I bet something about the change in tides and temperatures is causing the extinction of the Chickieo Nappius.

Very clever post!

Dan Felstead said...

It is truly frightening, what has this world come to...we are reaping what we have sown...
Maleimus Napimus has sadly gone by the wayside as well!


Janell said...

Ha ha! Thanks for the laugh. It is definitely a time of mourning when that nap disappears. I feel your pain. Eventually we replaced Amelia's Quiettimens with Preschoolius! They grow up all too fast.

Scriptor Senex said...

I regret to tell you that the species Chickieo Quiettimens is known for being even shorter lived and tends to be replaced by Chickieo neversettler. This is by no means such an attractive species!

Anonymous said...

Beth- I can relate! We've been pushing Quiet Time for Marisa since she doesn't want to nap. She has her quiet time in her crib (thankfully she is still confined in her crib!) with some books and I tell her that she can lay down and sleep if she's tired. Sometimes she sleeps, sometimes she doesn't. Don't surrender- the species may resurface when you least expect it!

Tiffany said...

Oh I hope this epidemic doesn't come to my house!

Crazy Mo said...

What?! I'm mumble mumble years old and I still love a nap. But mom says when I was little, I wouldn't nap ... didn't want to miss anything good. Now ... don't care.

Our Scoop said...

Hilarious! So creative you are my dear. Last week I thought we were having that same trouble but we are back on this week. Maybe it is a fluke?? Wishful thinking I know. I'm sure some kids don't even nap til 3! I'm sure she is just fine and just brimming with energy. I know it is harder for mommy though!

Kristi said...

You're so stinkin' creative, Beth! I love it!!! So funny! I'll be reading this one to Tom tonight!

Lyndsay said...

Our naps are fairly sporadic these days as well. While Kate might be ready to give up her naps, her mother most certainly IS NOT.

Becky said...

I'm all too familiar with the demise of the Nappius species. I'm not familiar with the Quiettimens, though. That must be a species that's not native to my homeland. We have a problem with Hyperactivius Overtiredus in our area.

C. Beth said...

mullensfam--Lucky you!! That's great!

EliandMe--My dad is in his 50s and still takes short naps most days. On the other hand, my husband and I rarely nap, so I guess this shouldn't surprise me.

Mom--I do remember quiet time in our house! I hope Chickie takes to it as well as I did!

Celeste--Oh, you poor thing! That is tragically early!

Rebecca--I'm hoping the quiet time works well! That's great that you made it until 4!

Tia--Your comment was encouraging! I guess we'll see if she picks it back up.

Heather--Ha!! I love that you thought it was a real news story.

Call Me Cate--Yet another species lost to global warming. I'm writing a letter to Mr. Gore right now, hoping he'll talk about it in his next documentary.

Dan--Oh, I am terribly, terribly sorry you've seen an extinction too!

Janell--Preschoolius--we've considered that!

Scriptor Senex--I am going to hope we don't have any Chickeo Neversettler sightings any time soon!!

Teresa--That's great! Chickie has never slept much in a crib; we co-slept and almost transitined straight into a bed. But I do have a gate up to keep her in the room, if not in bed.

Tiffany--Bolt those doors; you don't want this epidemic finding a way in!

Crazy Mo--I guess as you got older you figured out the good stuff would still be there when you wake up, huh?

Our Scoop--I hope your little guy naps for a LONG time longer! He is so energetic, I bet you need that break!

Kristi--Thanks, and thanks for plugging it on BBC! :-D

Lyndsay--You mean Kate doesn't care that you're not ready for her to give up the nap? Our kids...never considering OUR needs. Sigh.

Becky--Ha!! That Hyperactivius Overtiredus is not too fun to deal with!

Claire said...

Oh, I feel your pain. Laura stopped napping right when she turned 3, which was conveniently right when my husband left for 6 months of Army training and I quit my job to stay at home with her. It's a miracle I'm still alive.