Thursday, February 12, 2009

E-mail I got today...

I find the second sentence of this e-mail true...but also really funny.


Hello C.Beth,

I read your blog posting on your product, and wanted to thank you for linking to us and for the compliment.  It is VERY important that people know about nasal irrigation in general, as it can quite literally change their life.

Please let me know if you have any further questions on the proper usage of the  Neti Pot.


Travis Head

National Sales Manager

(570) 647-1531 office

(570) 352-8706 cell


Himalayan Institute

952 Bethany Turnpike, Honesdale, PA  18431-4194


That's what we're all about here on C. Beth Blog...keeping you informed on nasal irrigation and other life-changing topics.

I was thinking of a few other things he could have said in the e-mail but didn't, such as...
*(After offering help on how to use it) "Wouldn't want you to get another ear infection--ever heard of reading directions?  LOL!"
*"Next time you blog about us, please don't include any marijuana references."
*"Can we use the photo of you using the Neti Pot, on our homepage and all our marketing materials?  I've never seen someone look so attractive using a Neti Pot."


Dan & Hillary said...

You contacted them? Too funny. It is an insult that they didn't use your stunning photo for their next ad campaign. Oh, well. Maybe next year's Christmas card, eh?

C. Beth said...

Hillary--Actually, I didn't! They must have found my blog because of the link I put in yesterday. I think the Christmas card is an excellent idea!!

beckiwithani said...

I will be so proud if my identical twin sister becomes the face ... I mean, the nose ... of the Neti Pot. My heart would burst with the pride.

And, If I were really lucky, some of the people who saw the ad would think it was ME!

Scriptor Senex said...

Becki, would you really want people to think Beth in that pose was you?

Beth, please put me on your Chruistmas card list. It could become a collector's item! How about doing it again with a pair of antlers on?

Mike said...
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Anonymous said...

Ha! That's awesome! And, I do agree they should use you for a national campaign. You clearly won by a nose!!!

Mike said...

Umm...I had no idea your blog was so influential! (stifled laughter)

This reminds me of the time that I got in trouble with the National Ballet of Canada...I got an e-mail from them saying that the group I gained control of on Facebook was their intellectual property...oops. The group said "no admins - become one!" So I was too tempted, but I didn't know that it would end landing me in trouble with the National Ballet! Whoops... least yours was a "thanks for posting a pic of yourself using a NetiPot" and not "give back our group or we'll stomp you with pirouettes!" The person who sent the e-mail is actually a nice person - and now we are Facebook buddies, so the moral of the story is...ballet can be life-threatening, but leads to Facebook friendships.

Anonymous said...

That's too funny!

CDB said...

HOLY COW I am so relieved that I, too, now know about nasal irrigation. I had no idea how important it was, phew. Thanks for keeping us informed.

Isn't the blogosphere great?!

CDB said...

Oops, sorry, frivilous comment #2:
I love the new header! Is that for Valentine's Day? Festive!

Rachel Cotterill said...

I'd heard of the neti pots before, I'm thinking of getting one to try for hayfever season - and now I'll know not to give myself an ear infection! You could ask the company to provide one for your next giveaway ;)

Crazy Mo said...

I'm sorry, I just can't seem to get past the fact that the guy who is National Sales Manager for a company that promotes nasal irrigation is named Travis HEAD.

Chris said...

That was hilarious! The black magic woman tries to get me to use one of those when I get sick. I just can't bring myself to do it.

Lyndsay said...

See, this is exactly why I am not qualified to have Mr. Head's job ... I would have started that email out with ... "WOMAN, let me count the ways that blog post was W-R-O-N-G".

Anna said...

ok! that seriously made me LOL!
love it!

C. Beth said...

Beckiwithani--A nice alternative to being the Doublemint twins, eh?

Scriptor Senex--Oh, absolutely! I'll have a flying pig cross the Atlantic just to bring you that Christmas Card. :)

Sandi--"by a nose!" Groooooan. :)

Mike Fan--"stomp you with pirouettes"--HA!

Andie--I got a kick out of it!

CDB--Don't you just feel like a better person now that you know something about nasal irrigation? :) Yes, the header is for Valentine's. I like it but the black background is really bugging me--I'll be changing it on the 15th.

Rachel--Now, that's an idea! I wonder if anyone but you would enter that contest? :)

Mama to a diva--Ha, thanks!

Crazy Mo--Ha!! I hadn't noticed that!

Chris--That black magic woman is busy! You should listen to her. I mean, about the Neti Pot. Not necessarily in general.

Lyndsay--that would have been a fun e-mail to receive!!!

Anna--I'm glad it made you laugh! Thanks! :)

Christy said...

You have such remarkable talent for comedic timing in your writing. Too funny!