Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday Micro: Academy Award Poetry

I used to watch the Oscars,
And root for films I liked.
(Titanic disappointed me;
When Crash won I was psyched.)

Now, bringing kids to cinemas
Elicits groans and frowns.
But I don't need to see the films--
I watch the Oscars for the gowns.

(And wasn't Marissa Tomei's fabulous?)


Call Me Cate said...

I didn't watch last night but I always spend the next morning looking through photos. I love all of the beautiful gowns. And even the not-so-beautiful ones.

Anna said...

Robert Pattinson was my highlight! LOL

CDB said...

I loved this! (Poem, not the Oscars.) I agree on all points.. loved that Crash won. And I lvoe that Slumdog won as well.

Did you make up Monday micro? I like!

Lyndsay said...

Awww ... you so talented :)

C. Beth said...

Call Me Cate--Oh, yes, I love both the best AND worst gowns!

Anna--Okay, I have to Google Robert Pattinson now....

CDB--I have to see Slumdog!! Yes, I made up Monday Micro--just a short post, which sometimes seems harder than a long one....

Lyndsay--Awww...thanks! :)