Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Chickie likes asking, "Why?" these days.  So I have a few "Why?" questions for her.

1.  Why, when you came up to me yesterday and saw my bottom at your face-level, did you feel the need to bite it?  Keep in mind, this is the same bottom that caused you so much curiosity the other day.  You really wanna bite that--even through my jeans?

2.  Why are two of your favorite TV characters Caillou...and House?

3.  Why do you love french fries and hate mashed potatoes?

4.  Why would you get up at 3 a.m., drag your little potty around the house, and use it as a stool so that you could turn on lights?

5.  Why do you insist on wiping your snotty nose on my arm?

6.  Why can't you just give in to some peer pressure?  (Pooping in the potty...all the cool three-year-olds are doing it.)

7.  Why, despite all this, have you captured my heart in a way you'll never understand until you become a mom?


Shannon said...

Great post! Number one cracks me up, and number 7 makes me teary.

Sandra said...

Mothering in a nutshell. I love it, Beth.

Crazy Mo said...

Beth, I can't believe you're questioning the potatoes vs. fries issue! Everyone knows that anything deep fried tastes better! And #6 is going to come back to bite you one day, because one day you'll question why she's doing something and she'll say because all the other kids are doing it!

Call Me Cate said...

I have no children so I could be way off on this but I think the answer to all of those question is "because she's 3". No?

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Excellent stuff - so funny - Why the bottom-biting - Why, because you were there, and Chickie's teeth needed the exercise!

Sarah said...
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Sarah said...

Cute! # 5 makes me feel better. Jenna wipes her nose in the arm of the couch :)

I haven't commented in a long time because I'm usually reading it on my ipod touch and couldn't remember my password to log in on it (ugh) but I'm still following :)

Cathy said...

You made me laugh out loud! Thanks!

TesoriTrovati said...

Hi Beth-
Those must be 3 year old rite of passage moments...my children seemed to go through the same (with the exception of #1...ouch!).
Enjoy the day!

Isabella said...

Those just cracked me up! Ah, things to look forward to. :)

Our Scoop said...

So cute! I love that list. That is so funny about House! How did that happen?

Unknown said...

Why? Just Cuz!!

All the cool kids like House.
Self loathing curmudgeons are like jungle gyms to a tot.

Peace - Rene

Tiffany said...

LOL thats pretty funny! At least yours is using the potty for something - Zilla stands on his toes for the lights and the potty is collecting dust in the corner!!

Sorry about the tushy biting - Zilla hasn't bit me in a long time cause he learned i bite back!!

Mike said...

So touching! This would really be a goldmine for Hallmark cards!

(Oh ouch...that sort of sounds bad, doesn't it! But these are really heartfelt, beautiful snippets of motherhood! Thanks for sharing!)

Lyndsay said...

One of Kate's faves is Calliou. He's a whiney little 4 year old, isn't he?

You know, next time Kate is a handful, I can feel better telling myself, "At least she isn't biting my butt ..."

C. Beth said...

Mama to a diva--Thanks! :-)

Sandra--I'm so glad you enjoyed it--thank you.

Crazy Mo--Regarding peer pressure--Oh, it's totally a double standard since I'll usually be encouraging her not to bow to her friends' pressure. But what kind of a mom would I be if I didn't have the occasional double standard? ;)

Call Me Cate--Shh, if she reads this, that will be her answer to everything from now on. Which would be both correct and annoying.

A Woman of No Importance--Oh, trust me, with the number of things she puts in her mouth...her teeth definitely do NOT need any more exercise. ;)

Sarah--Great to hear from you! If I ever meet you in person remind me not to touch the arm of your couch! :-D

Mom--Oh, good! I'm sure after having seen her so recently you can picture all of this.

Tesori Trovati--I guess it's normal for a 3-year-old to be just plain weird!

Isabella--Yes, look forward to all this and so much more! Great blog fodder!

Our Scoop--Well, I shouldn't admit this, but she watches House with us. And it's just so funny; a House commercial will come on, and she'll say, "HOUSE! Daddy, House!!" I think she has a crush. ;)

Not The Rockefellers--"self loathing curmudgeon"--great description of the great doctor!

Tiffany--Funny thing is, she doesn't actually use the kiddie potty for peeing--she does that in the full-sized potty. And, as you read, she doesn't poop in the potty at all. So our kiddie potty, with the lid closed, is exclusively a stepstool these days. Which is great when she needs to wash her hands and not so great in the middle of the night.

Mike Fan--Hey, I'd be happy writing for Hallmark! I bet it pays a lot better than blogging....

Lyndsay--Ha! Yeah, and I'll say, "At least she isn't eating Santa's cookies!"

CDB said...

Oh, this is too cute.. I hope my toddler does NOT start dragging his potty around at 3am, I just hope he uses it.

Thanks for picking me today for "Stuff." That is so analogous to my life ("Stuff") that it's apros pos I win that one!