Thursday, February 19, 2009

Getting Zoodle dressed

Thank you all for the encouraging comments on yesterday's post.  I will respond to each of them personally later today.

Yesterday when I got up (having written the "Motivation" post the night before), I was happy that Zoodle had given me a good night's sleep.  I expected my energy and clarity of mind to be back.

I started dressing Zoodle.  As I was trying to maneuver him into a position so that I could finish pulling up his jeans, I realized they were actually Chickie's jeans, complete with pink embroidered flowers on the pockets.

Of course, I guess that's an easy mistake to make with blue jeans.  But when I got the jeans off, that excuse went out the window.

On both of Zoodle's feet were Chickie's bright pink socks, placed on his feet and neatly cuffed by Yours Truly.

Even after getting him in the right socks and pants, I still grabbed a cute pink shirt and started to get ready to put it on him, before I realized my mistake.

I'm writing this on Wednesday night, and I think I'd better go to bed.  Otherwise tomorrow I may try to put his hair up in pigtails while I give him some sort of bright pink choking hazard to play with.


Lyndsay said...

LOL! In defense, you know, you've been dressing a girl for three years, so it has to be close to second-nature to gravitate towards the pink socks!

Angela said...

You've been living in the world of pink for so long that it's just natural to pick up more of it. Don't worry, I'm positive he won't remember you once tried to put him in pink socks before he even turned 1.

Kara said...

LOL!! I'm sure I'd have done the same thing if #2 had been a boy. And I am constantly catching myself handing #2 some totally age-inappropriate toy or offering her a bite of some inappropriate thing!

Call Me Cate said...

Pink is the new black! I bet Zoodle wouldn't even notice. Just don't polish his nails - we have to draw the line somewhere.

Isabella said...

BAHAHAHA! Thank you for the early morning giggle. Sooo something I would do if I had a boy, I'm sure.

He is still at an age where he's not yet retaining don't worry. I don't think any long term damage was done. Now, just don't take any pictures. ;)

Eternal Lizdom said...

Makes me wonder if I did that to my son in some sleep deprivation cloud... it would certainly explain his 16 month old joy at wearing his sister's Little Mermaid panties over his diaper this weekend...

C. Beth said...

Lyndsay--Thank you for making me sound like I'm not really insane! :)

Angela--That's true, hopefully I didn't scar him for life!

Kara--Oh, man, Zoodle definitely chews on toys he shouldn't....

Call Me Cate--Really? Even if it's blue polish? :)

Isabella--Okay, seriously, if I'd thought of taking a picture I probably would have! Maybe it's good I didn't think of it?

Liz--Ha! I do hope you got a picture of that!