Sunday, November 2, 2008

When I am queen

When I am queen of the world (and I'm talking all-powerful monarch, not British-esque figurehead), I'm going to get rid of a few things...when I'm done eliminating war, poverty, and hunger, of course.
  1. Daylight Savings Time. The state of Arizona is so rebellious, they don't have Daylight Savings Time. (Betcha didn't know that's why their senior Senator calls himself "The Maverick.") Their time stays the same year-round...imagine that! The whole "fall back" thing isn't even fun anymore once you have kids, because all it means is that they wake up at the same time as usual, but the clock says it's an hour earlier. When I'm queen there will be no more need to reset your clocks twice a year. Of course, that also means you'll forget to change the batteries in your smoke detectors. Sorry. I'll outlaw fire too.
  2. MySpace. I'm all for Internet communication (clearly!), but, dude, Btween ur craZ spLing & da gr8 bakground on ur myspace page, yo, i can't evN read what ur sayin! And while you may think the pictures of you gettin' crazy with your homies and making out with that girl you just met are funny, your future employer just might disagree. MySpace is outta here when I'm kween of da wurld!
  3. Scented diapers. They're gross, and they're gone.
  4. Music on blogs. It reminds me too much of MySpace (see #2.) I recognize I may be in the minority here, so until my queenship becomes official I'll just keep using that "pause" button.
On the off chance that you beat me out for the position of all-powerful king or queen of the world, what will you get rid of?


Tara (ThreeDaisies) said...

Can we keep Daylight Savings in New York so it's not still dark out at 8:30am?


Tia said...

Being late would be grounds for imprisonment. Seriously. I hate it when people are late. I managed to get there on time. You can too.

C. Beth said...

Hi, Tara! :) I'll take your request under consideration; just keep in mind that as an all-powerful ruler I am certainly open to bribery. I like cookies.

Tia--Oh, that's a good one. Unfortuantely I'm NOT always on time but I think I do better than I used to. :)

Dan & Hillary and little Russell said...

Definitely crass bumper stickers (I'm glad R can't read!). Oh, and calorie-ridden donuts. I'd make calorie-free donuts (and calorie-free ice-cream). Also, I'd get rid of those really-bright-blue headlights.

Lia Pearson said...

I am SO with you on #2! can you also outlaw political ads on TV and low rise jeans? thanks :)

-Lia (from BBC...old bbc...maybe you don't who I am...oh well...hi! anyway)

Sandra said...

Boy, do I agree with #1. Indiana was the other state that didn't change their clocks until a few years ago. I HATE having to change the clocks like we did last night. And I HATE having bright sunshine at 8 p.m. in the summer! My ideal would be for NO ONE to have DST.

Joanna said...

i don't like myspace either!! so i am definitely with you on that one... however, i love the music on my blog!! i guess i'm just addicted to "pour some sugar on me!" haha

Our Scoop said...

Agree on the music with blogs! I find it really annoying.

I would outlaw scary Halloween decorations. This is on my mind because of having a 2-year old whom I try to protect from scary things. Yet this past month, I couldn't drive through neighborhoods without seeing bodies hanging in trees with nooses around their necks and scary, nasty bloody faced people screaming "boo" in Costco and Sam's Club! And Target! This year was the worst of all for me with this junk. I am very heated about it! One neighbor had over 5 bodies in their yard, posters up of scary things and it lit me up! We call it the "icky stuff" and my son says "oooh Mommy, there is icky stuff that I don't like, I will close my eyes." While I love him for doing that I feel it is SUPER sad that he had to do that while driving home! Why people would actually spend their money on this stuff during an economic crunch is beyond me!!

Momza said...

Driving while talking on the cell phone is my first Law when I rule the Planet.
The second is TEXTING in school, while driving and in church.
The Punishment shall be a Public Flogging with day-old biscuits,
and suspension of phone service.
"THE Queen Has Spoken. So let it be written, so shall it be done."
(name that movie!)

Momza said...

Ha! it should have said NO CELL PHONES WHILE DRIVING...but you guys probably figured that out.
Another reason I'm not in charge of anything.

C. Beth said...

Hillary--Oh, I definitely agree with all of your ideas!!

Lia--Of course I remember you (and your amazing photography!) Thanks for visiting the blog! I am kind of entertained by political ads to be honest. But after 2 kids I'm with you on saying goodbye to low-rise jeans.

Sandra--Yay, another DST hater!!

Joanna--Thanks for visiting the blog; how did you find me? I checked yours out, and after hitting "pause" on the music (hee hee) I found myself craving spaghetti squash, which I've never even tried. For some reason squash sounds amazing right now!

K--Oh, I am SOOOO with you on that one!!!!

Momza--Love your rules...but you stumped me!! Please, what movie is it from?

Momza said...

"so let it be written so shall it be done"...10 Commandments

Becky said...

DST is annoying. While I'd hate it being still dark out at 8:00 a.m., the alternative is that it's dark out at 4:30 p.m. How about if one of the new rules be that there has to be at least 12 hours of daylight every day? And while we're at it, let's outlaw any temperatures below 0 degrees. What kind of a temperature is -20, anyway? Ridiculous, that's what it is.

Scented diapers? I've never heard of them. Is there a particular brand that offers scented diapers? That seems nasty. Poop, with a hint of a floral scent...hmmm. Nope, I don't think that sounds better than plain old poop scent.

C. Beth said...

Becky--Pampers have a baby powder scent! Ewwww!

Momza--Would you believe I don't think I've ever seen that movie?!

Desert Grace Boutique said...

I live in Arizona and I am so happy I don't have to remember to reset my clock.
As for blogs with music, I am in TOTAL agreement, nothing gets me to close the page faster!
I would get rid of those pesky pop up ads, even though I have my pop up blocker on some still manage to "Pop" through!

TKM said...

I've been contemplating a way to issue all drivers a shock collar similar to the one we used on our dog to keep him from barking. As Queen, I would be in charge of the "zapper" to punish those in the midst of traffic violations. Sound fun?

Monica said...

I am a lucky Arizonan, but my alarm clock is so fancy it automatically "falls back" for me. I was so confused for about 2 hours Sun. morning!!!! I actually lost an hour! Needless to say, I ended up at 2nd service that day!

Julie said...

I'm right there with ya about Myspace and I hope you'll use the pause button if/when you visit my blog. I like using the music to make dedications to people. Maybe I'm weird. (Actually, I know I'm weird.) Then again, I usually have my computer on mute so it doesn't bother me at all.

anty_anand said...

I'd ban talking in anything less than full words, with proper grammar and punctuation. It's really annoying when people refer to you as "peeps" and "yaaa" and what not.

I know it's insane, but I probably fall in a minority of teenagers who even text in proper grammatical english.