Saturday, November 29, 2008

Please welcome me... the 21st century.

I finally got an MP3 player. I went pretty cheap since I want to see how much I'll use it before investing in something really cool like the iPod Touch. So I got a little Sandisk Sansa at a Black Friday sale.

Here's the thing--I don't listen to a lot of music. Remember my complaint about blogs that automatically play music? I listen to music in the car, sometimes, but more often than not I tune into talk radio. And (get ready for a gasp here), unless it's musical theatre or a really interesting opera or some sort of music that I can sing along to, I'm generally get bored watching live music. I know, I know--it's kinda weird.

So I've never felt the need to get an MP3 player. But my sister listens to a lot of podcasts on hers, and that interests me. Basically on-demand talk radio, on topics I find compelling? I'm there! I get bored on my walks with the kids and dog in the mornings, and I'm looking forward to listening to podcasts. I bet it'll help me walk longer, which will help me be healthier. This MP3 player just may save my life!

So if you listen to podcasts, "sell me" on which ones I should start subscribing to (or whatever the terminology is.) Funny, interesting, educational, inspiring--give me some links!

It's great to join you, my fellow humans, in the 21st century.


Special K said...

Welcome Welcome Beth! I love my ipod on the bike path. And taking it for a walk with the dog. No podcasts to recommend though.

I got Sylvie a Fisher Price FP3 player for Christmas. She'll love it. She's getting really into music and I don't trust her with my ipod on her own yet. Plus, it's pink and has buttons. Can't wait to see how much she loves it!

Annje said...

Hi Beth--(new commenter here) I am with you on the music thing--only in the car--sometimes. I don't have an Mp3 player either. They might be good for running, but I don't really like the idea of not hearing what's going on around me (dogs). I do like the idea of podcasts, you can even download tv shows and watch them on some of the players--that might be cool. But I am not convinced that I need to spend money on one yet.

Mike Fan said...

Ach...welcome to the world of mp3's and such! All I have on my iPod are Chopin, Bach, and opera. Go Natalie Dessay! [heart]

Mike Fan said...

BTW, I just noticed what you've done with the blog! The theme's absolutely gorgeous and really adorable! I might do a similar festive thing with "Voglio tempo" for the holidays too, if you don't mind!

beckiwithani said...

Cute new color scheme / header!

Oh, and ... uh ... welcome to 2003. ;)

(Actually got my first in 2005, but just giving you a hard time!)

beckiwithani said...

Oh, and some recommended podcasts:

NPR: Wait Wait Don't Tell Me; Sunday Puzzle; Story of the Day; Pop Culture Podcast; Religion Podcast; Car Talk; Science Friday. Go to to download.

Slate Magazine: Daily Podcast; The Explainer Podcast. Go to Slate's website to download.

Our Scoop said...

Love the new blog look! I'm updating mine for Christmas tonight!! I seem to always follow you :)

I do not have an MP3 player either. Welcome to you though!! I'm not there yet...wait for me...I don't have time for music besides the car and that is Barney, Elmo, and other kiddo mixes! Bummer :)

C. Beth said...

First--thanks for the compliments on the blog's new "look!"

Special K--I bet Sylvie will love that!

Annje--Thank you for reading and commenting! I was glad to know I'm not the only one who doesn't listen to much music. :)

Mike--Sure, copy away! By the way, if you using the "Fonts & Colors" feature to change your Blogger template, I've found a way to use pretty much any color you want instead of just choosing from the limited number of colors in Blogger's palette--let me know if you need more info on that. I need to listen to this Natalie Dessay!

Becki--Did you start with an iPod? I know you have an iPod Touch now. Still enjoying it? Thanks for the recommendations!

Karen--Woo hoo, someone else who has resisted the pull of mp3!

Michelle Brunner said...

I don't think this was mentioned- This American Life is an amazing podcast! You can subscribe and get a free one each week or you can also download each episode for $. 95 if you want. My favorite episode is Mind Games. Enjoy your new mp3 player!

Laura Jayne said...

I would love to be of service, but alas I too am in the stoneage and have no MP3 player. Though the idea of podcasts sounds like a good reason to maybe tune in.

beckiwithani said...

I originally got an iPod Mini ... about a week before Apple announced that they were discontinuing the model and starting to sell Nanos instead! I could've gotten it so much cheaper if I'd waited till it was in the outlet section of the Apple Store, where older models are relegated!

Anyway, it has a tiny black-and-white screen, and it is "mini" but far bigger than the iPods out now, but I still love it and use it with no problems. Donal is the one with the iPod Touch (actually, it was stolen when our car was broken into -- but he has another one on order, only $200 from Amazon on Black Friday), and he LOVES it. I have to admit, it's so much cooler than mine.

Anyway, though, if you can ever get a supercheap old Mini (or even one of the first- or second-generation Nanos) from CraigsList or something, I'd recommend it. Using the iTunes store is SO SO SO far-and-away the easiest way to put podcasts on a player. And I believe it's only compatible with the iPod. I subscribe to most of the Podcasts I mentioned to you, and so they are downloaded directly onto my iTunes account for free.

However, the free-mp3-book thing Mom does through her library is not compatible with iPods. You should ask her about it. Very cool. I wish I could use it. Even if you ever get an iPod, that program would be a great reason to keep your SanDisk player.

C. Beth said...

Michelle--I'll check out The American Life, thanks!

Crying baby...gotta go.

Cathy said...

Hi! Becki mentioned me doing the book downloads. If your library offers "netlibrary" - you can d/l books for free for 3 weeks - then it takes it off of your computer and your player! (Weird how they can do that!!) Anyway, I listen to books all the time - when cooking, exercising, traveling, sitting in airports, etc... I love it - just ask your library.
BTW, I got Mamma one for her b-day and I got the very same kind you got! I've been using it so I can teach her to use it w/o her having to try to ask me questions over the phone and I like hers better than mine. Think it'd be ok if I give her my 3-year old, outdated one instead? :)ha!
And Becki has it right - you can only do it with MP3s, not ipods - so they DO have advantages!

~hon~ said...

Well, if you have iTunes, there's lots of free podcasts there. If you like Christian topics, I might just recommend FamilyLife, Max Lucado, Rick Warren, Everyday Moments with Joyce Meyer, The Destiny Podcast, Marriage Week by Dr. Liz Hale. You can also just search for the topics you like to listen to. And please excuse me for the music in my blog. hehehe! GOD BLESS YOU ABUNDANTLY! P.U.S.H.

Becky said...

Oooh, I listen to podcasts all the time! All day at work, and in the evening, after the kids are in bed and I'm doing dishes and laundry and stuff. Here's my list: 60 Minutes - The Full Broadcast, Best of YouTube (this is a video podcast), Comedy Central: Stand-Up (video again), Discovery News podcast, Stuff You Should Know. I have a few other radio show podcasts on there, but they're a bit vulgar so probably wouldn't appeal to you.

I have no idea how you subscribe to podcasts on a non-iPod, but if you ever upgrade to an iPod, iTunes has a feature where you can search by popularity and category. That's how I've discovered most of the podcasts I subscribe to.