Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Keep the construction paper away from the trash can

I have a confession to make. I throw away nearly all of Chickie's beautiful works of art. Sure, I kept her first paintings, and her first obviously representational art is still hanging on my fridge. But generally her beautiful, lovingly-created items are unceremoniously tossed in the trash.

This morning I took two of yesterday's creations (marker-drawn) and two from today (one marker, one paint), and wrote on them, "Happy Veterans Day! -Chickie". We then went to a nearby nursing home and dropped them off so they can be distributed to veterans there.

I realized, we could start doing this on other holidays too. I think I'll start saving some of her works of art so we can go back to the nursing home for a Thanksgiving or Christmas visit. Next time we may take the time to hand-deliver them. Either way--dropping them with a staff member in the lobby or giving them out personally--it seems like such a nice way to teach the kids about spreading happiness to others.


Angie said...

What a great idea! We have TONS of artwork in our house as well. I send them out to grandparents & assorted aunts & uncles. Paige's refrigerator art graces fridges from Texas to North Carolina. I find it's a great way to keep relatives feeling they're closer & more involved.

Becky said...

I love it! I've been wanting to start taking the kids for visits to a local nursing home anyway, so this is a great idea!

Especially since yesterday, I threw away one of Sammy's works of art without pushing it down to the bottom of the can. He found it, rescued it, and mournfully said, "Why you throw away my art, Mommy?" Talk about a guilt trip.

Kerri said...

Great idea!

Luckily we have a lot of out of state relatives that receive frequent drawings from the rugrats. I also take pictures of all their art work before sending it off or disposing of it in the recycling bin and I have a special file on my computer with all their creations.

Jenners said...

I was amazed how much "art" can be generated by a small child...especially when they begin going to school. I do save the ones that are "firsts" or particularly good or funny or special. And I do rotate his works of art on the refrigerator. I do take care to "throw away" his works of art when he is not in the house and make sure they are well hidden in the bottom of the trash can!

Sam said...

This is a super idea, Beth. Your Grandma will be very proud of you for it -- she has a special gift when it comes to visiting nursing homes. Also, don't forget the Chickie's first official work of art for her Sampa is hanging in a frame on his office wall.

Anonymous said...

That is such an awesome idea!

Sandra said...

I think that is an absolutely wonderful idea, Beth.

What a day brightener for the recipients and what a wonderful lesson for Chickie.

Good thinking, Mom.

Anonymous said...

yah, I am totally gulity of that! just wait until she gets in school... everyday they bring something home... it goes in a drawer and at the end of the month, I go through it and save a few that are worth saving. the handprints are worth it!

ElleBee said...

Love this idea! Especially now that The Manimal is becoming intimately familiar with markers...

Our Scoop said...

What a great idea!! The worst is when they see you!! I felt like the worst mom ever and told a little white lie "oh no, how did that get in there?" I know that is bad but he looked crestfallen!

Mike Fan said...

I felt the same guilt throwing out my brother's art too! I wrote a sonnet on it too...

Sonnet CLII
They dream their art is posted on the fridge:
collages made for class and other crafts,
the pictures of a castle, moat, and bridge,
the portraits made of Mom she thought were drafts,
a “book” or two of shocking sacrilege,
crude buildings made of cardboard roofs and shafts,
endearing picture frames with frilly fringe,
and scribbles covered over boring math.

We all imagined artists we would be:
but ah – there come those cruel realities!
Our parents see just junk - more wasted trees;
a hassle - just more trash to blandly see.
So out it goes. There go our foolish dreams.
And there goes youthfulness – how life proceeds.


Inkpot said...

That is such a lovely idea. I would never have thought of that. My mother kept a lot of my drawings and things I had made her, like cards and stuff, for years and then eventually threw out most of it. I think it is lovely sharing your child's work with others and hopefully it will teach them the beauty of giving as well.

C. Beth said...

Angie--I should start sending it to more relatives too!

Becky--Oh, poor Sammy! :)

Kerri--Photos--good idea! Doesn't take up any space (except on my hard drive.)

Jenners--Yes, taking care to do it when they're not around sounds like a great idea!

Dad--What artwork is on your wall?

Tabby--Thank you! :) And thanks for continuing to read and comment! :)

Sandra--Thanks, Sandra! Maybe if we deliver them personally next time we can see their days being brightened! That would be nice.

Rebecca--Your organization is amazing! You rock!

ElleBee--Oh, markers...not only for paper, but also to draw on various surfaces, AND to put "nail polish" on toes! :)

Our Scooop--Ha! Poor DD, seeing his creations thrown away! I don't think Chickie really cares if she sees me doing it...not sure what that says about her. :)

Mike Fan--You ROCK; love the sonnet!!!

Inkpot--Thank you! Hopefully I can stick with it.

Mike Fan said...

Thanks Beth! :)

Rebecca said...

Found your writing prompt blog and followed it here. Great stuff! Love the nursing home idea, we have one less than a mile away.

Posh Post Reviews said...

hi beth!

i tagged you in my alternate blog. it is a beautiful mom award. hope you can do it. here is the url:

take care!

Sam said...

The artwork on my wall is the painting she sent me for Father's Day (or my birthday).

Marriage Markers said...

hi beth, well you deserve it. i hope you hand it out too to other deserving moms out there. :-)

and oh, hugs to chickie. she is so adorable!

Mike Fan said...
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Faith said...

What a fabulous idea. I love it!

I always take a picture of my kids with their art, so I have a record of the important things, but not a drawer full of glue & construction paper.

happyian said...

You should save all of her art
I think.

It's amazing when people create.

Megumu Jansen said...

Great idea!