Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Conversation with Chickie

Chickie is coloring with markers and turns to me.

In a sweet voice, with a little smile, she says, "I'm not drawing on myself, Mom."

"Good," I reply.

"I'm not drawing on myself, Mom," she repeats.


Then, she holds out a colorful hand and adds, "Only a little bit. But that's okay."

"No," I assure her, "That's not okay."

"That's not okay," she confirms. "Sorry, Mom. Sorry. I'm not supposed to draw on myself. That's not a good move."

It's good to know she's familiar with the rules. Even if she makes every effort to charm herself out of them.


Anna said...

ohhh soo sweet Chris would of said
"I no draw on me mommy, I draw on table" LOL

Tia said...

They are so fun and so frustrating all at the same time these days aren't they. So cute!

anonymous me said...

Thanks for your comment on my page.

Sam said...

I often have a pic of one of my grandkids on my blackberry and I checked out our blog this morning thinking I just might get a new one. No picture, but a story that had me laughing out loud! Thanks.


Simplicity said...

That's awesome!!

My daughter is 16 and a few months ago, after she'd started working, we passed by a gumball machine and she stopped, dropped in a quarter, held up her gum and said, "See Momma? I don't have to ask for quarters anymore."

Then, she skipped away singing, "I'm a big kid now."


Becky said...

That "I'm not (fill in the blank)" must be a common thing at this age. I've finally figured out that when Sammy tells me he's not doing something, it means he IS, and doesn't want to get in trouble, but yet can't quite keep his glee to himself. Hilarious!

beckiwithani said...

So cute!!!

Jenners said...

Adorable. They are crafty little buggers, aren't they?

Also, I was just cleaning up some of my son's art supplies and remembered an idea related to your recent post about what to do with children's artwork. One thing I do is buy a little drawing pad, put the date he starts in it on the cover, and have him use this for his various artworks and scribblings. When the pad is filled up, I put the end date on it and put it on my bookshelf. I have about 10 of these (they are not that thick so they don't take up much room) and it is a fun way to revisit different times in his artistic development. One pad is filled entirely with drawings of stick figures and faces. The first one has nothing but scribbles. Recent ones are showing letters and actual drawings that look like something you might actually see in the real world.

Another thing I do is ask him about what he drew and then I write a little note at of the page to help me remember the story he was telling in that drawing.

Our Scoop said...

Hilarious and SO cute and smart. I would have loved to be there for that!!

Lyndsay said...

I'd say you have your hands full ... I can relate ;)

Faith said...

Bug does this as well. I love the "non-confessions". Haha!

Kristi said...

She's too cute!

DiPaola Momma said...

Oh, if Emily can find something to color on herself with she grabs it, finds the nearest out-of-the-way corner and goes Picaso on herself! I love that Chickie things charm will get her everywhere.. as cute as she is, that knowledge makes her ahead of the game.

Chris Bowers said...

Its good to have the "tattoo" conversation at an early age.

C. Beth said...


Tia--Yeah, I only blog so that my hands are doing something other than strangling her, and I only laugh so my mouth is doing something other than yelling. ;)

Anonymous Me--And thank you for visiting here and for your comments on The One-Minute Writer too!

Sampa--Oh, but I bet the most recent picture of Zoodle (from yesterday's post) is on your Blackberry! Am I right?

Simplicity--Totally awesome! I gotta remind myself, she WILL get to that point. Potty training and play dough eating won't last forever.

Becky--Maybe that's it...she has to share her glee? Makes sense!

Becki--Thanks! :)

Jenners--Those are FANTASTIC ideas!! Thank you!

Our Scoop--Yeah, it was so much better in person; I wish I'd gotten it on video!

Lyndsay--Yes, I think our intelligent, independent little girls are quite similar!

Faith--I guess the "non-confessions" are better than the dangerous SILENCE I sometimes encounter...before discovering something awful!

Kristi--Aww, thanks!

DiPaola Momma--So glad someone else has a kid who thinks drawing on herself is fun!

Chris--Ha! And on another note, whenever I write the name "Chris" I tend to write it as "Christ" instead; then I have to erase the "t." Just thought I'd share. If I ever call you Christ, don't let your head get too big. ;)

Mama to a diva said...

How stinkin' adorable!

Heather said...

"That's not a good move"

Hahahahahaha....I'm guessing mom says that a lot. Too funny how they pick up on our little phrases. Makes me want to really check to see what I say on a regular basis before Asher starts talking.

Mike Fan said...

Beats nail polish...?


C. Beth said...

Mama to a Diva--Thanks! I agree; she's totally adorable! :)

Heather--I know, I was going, "Do I say that? Does The Engineer say that?" It's funny when we hear things out of their lips we don't even REALIZE we say.

Mike--Actually, quite a bit of her hand and foot painting is fingernail and toenail painting. She then shows it off, proclaiming, "I have POLISH!" Ugh.

Faith said...

Does she say "but that's okay" too? Bug says this & it drives me crazy. No. it is most definitely NOT okay. I think he learned it from me though. I try not to freak out at messes, but maybe I'm over-doing it.

C. Beth said...

That's funny, Faith--she DOES say "but that's okay" about other things. It's usually something like, "But that's okay, Mommy. It was a mistake." (Whether or no it actually was a mistake!)