Sunday, November 23, 2008

Get your "Mmmmm" on

We are having a Thanksgiving feast. I'm excited; it's only the second time I've been in charge of a big, holiday dinner. My grandparents (Mamma and Papa) will be in town, and two of my good friends will join us for dinner.

I feel like such a grown-up.

Want to join us? You can be here in spirit...and if you want to feel even closer to us, you can borrow some of my recipes (all of which I've borrowed from other websites.)

C. Beth's Thanksgiving Menu

Turkey breast, made in the CrockPot, with gravy made from the drippin's. (Gravy will be made by my expert Mamma, but if you need a gravy recipe, check out this one.)

Half a ham with apricot honey glaze

Stuffing, which I'll be making in the oven--I'll try 350 degrees for about 45 minutes. (The recipe calls for it to be made in the CrockPot.)

Mashed potatoes with cream cheese and sour cream--I'll add bacon to these, and I won't make them in the CrockPot. (Unlike the awesome CrockPot Lady, I only have one slow cooker.)

Broccoli salad

Green bean casserole

Caramel apple pie

And with all that cooking, I trust you won't look down your nose at me for the last two items:

Store-bought brown and serve rolls

Canned whole cranberry sauce

Oh, and I can't end this post without a photo. As of last night, here's what's hanging on my fridge.


There was a lot of crying involved on Chickie's part...but no pressure on mine; it was initiated by her. And her stated motivation was WALL-E. (Added to the bribery...uh, I mean motivational package...were four WALL-E lithographs hung on her wall for numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4. The lithographs came free with the movie, and she enjoyed choosing the first one yesterday. I guess the lithograph sweetened the pot.)

What's that thing I see, just barely, if I squint just right? Well, I'm in a very long tunnel, but I think that just be a dim light, way down at the end.


Chris Bowers said...

Way to "go" Chickie!

Jenners said...


Of all your yummy sounding Thanksgiving stuff, my eyes immediately found Caramel Apple Pie. I might have to check that out!!!!!

Anonymous said...

save me some Caramel Apple Pie!!!!!!! I am there!

Sandra said...

It's so nice to see progress on Chickie's chart!

Your dinner sounds wonderful. The one idea I would offer is that I use a frozen cranberry/orange relish (Indian Trails brand Cranberry Orange Sauce) that I like better than just canned cranberry sauce. It is great just thawed and served or I have also put it in cherry jello.

Have a wonderful one!

God's Girl said...

Your chart made me laugh. It is so cute! Thanks for sharing your fun sense of humor. I enjoyed stopping by.

Blessings to you.


Becky said...

oooh! Good job, Chickie!!

Faith said...

sweetened the pot - hahahahaha! Good job, Chickie.

Thanksgiving sounds delish. Hope you have a wonderful day.

ElleBee said...

Cheers for Chickie! What a great idea, doing a turkey breast in the crock pot!

Anna said...

Yum! I will definitely be borrowing the potato recipe!
btw, do you have a good sweet potato recipe, I've been elected to make them and have no clue! LOL

J Trout said...

I see those mashed potatoes at the end of the tunnel. Yum :)

Sasha said...

Unfortunately, that item wasn't eligible for SSS since it was from another seller. But still a great deal! I have used that filler site before and love it! Typically, though, there are so many things on my wish list I am usually way above $25 when I place an Amazon order!

nopinkhere said...

Go Chickie! Glad to see the bribery is working!

Our Scoop said...

Sounds yummy! You did a nice job with the menu! I had to go buy myself a second crockpot (had a 6 or 6.5 quart already) since I was using them all the time! I now own a 4 quart as well. I like that one much better! It is much easier to pick up and wash, etc. Sorry - I know the post was not about crockpoting! It was only $18 at Target (on sale last week). I figure I am saving that much on my energy bill in a month or so of not turning my oven on :) Good rationalizing?

C. Beth said...

Chris--Hee hee--thanks!

Jenners & Rebecca--Come on over and join us for pie! :)

Sandra--Oh, that sounds good. If I brave a grocery store between now & the big day, I may have to try to find some of that.

God's Girl--Thank you so much for visiting! My dad is a pastor in AZ too.

Becky--Thanks (on behalf of Chickie!)

Faith--Glad you caught the "pot" pun. :-D

ElleBee--Hopefully it's a good idea--we'll see! I think it'll work well.

Anna--Sorry, we don't eat a lot of sweet potatoes here. I know you could find a good one online though. I like for a lot of my recipes because the user reviews are great.

J Trout--I know, don't they sound divine?

Sasha--Responded on your blog!

Nopinkhere--Yeah, it's been a long road, but the bribery does seem to be providing some good motivation.

Our Scoop--Oh, I like your reasoning!! I may need to use that reasoning myself. I want one of the programmable ones that turns itself to "Warm" after a certain length of time.

foreverfoldinglaundry said...

Your menu sounds yummy! Mashed potatoes plus cream cheese?? Brilliant.

And looks like everything else is moving right along your house! Woo hoo!

terabithian said...

I'm obviously in Toilet Land, my eyes skipped right over the menu and straight to the Results Chart.
Go chickie! Now I'm going to tell my chickie she has an overseas chickie to be potty pals with. Wonder if that might work?!

C. Beth said...

Forever Folding Laundry--"Moving right along"--ha!

Terabithian--If you're like me, you know ANYTHING is worth a try! :-D Good luck!