Thursday, November 6, 2008


I was mopping the tile downstairs today. (Yes, I know! Exciting! That green monster of envy just reared its ugly head, didn't it?) Zoodle had been fussy, so I'd put him in the swing and was occasionally singing to him and replacing his binky, hoping to hold him off long enough to finish my task.

Suddenly I heard Chickie's laughter. I looked around the corner. She was kneeling in front of the swing, and whatever she was doing was entertaining--Zoodle was watching her with a wide grin, his gray mood gone.

How great is that?! I'm used to doing housework and taking breaks to take care of two kids who are going in two different directions. I wondered, "Is this how it will be as they grow up? Two kids entertaining each other and making my job easier instead of harder? I could handle that!"

Then I got to thinking. Chickie can feed Zoodle. She can entertain him. What in the world am I doing here? She's doing my job better than I do!

Oh, yeah. Chickie is lacking one important thing. Or rather, two. As great as she's getting at entertaining Zoodle, any attempt to nurse him is going to be very frustrating for both of them.

Yeah, I guess I'll stick around. Nothing replaces Mama's mik, and nobody replaces Mama.


Mama to a diva said...

That is great! I am a big fan of child labor, put that girl to work. LOL. But yeah, keep the nursing for yourself.

Bri said...

Enjoy it while you can! Before you know it you will be scrubbing floors and taking breaks every 17 seconds to break up a fight LoL What once took a couple hours will then take a couple weeks HAHAHAHA!

Anonymous said...

sweet child.. haha! i don't remember myself feeding my brother but i remember singing to him when he was a baby! oh my mom just thought it was horrible as she could hardly sleep at night, all thanks to my howl-like singing. and as he grew we became partners in crime. lol.:D

but now most of the time my brother and i tend to irritate each other. we're both teenagers now, and our differences are becoming more apparent. boy how i wish we were in neverland!

btw.. i love your blogs. specially the one minute writer!

keep blogging, and take care :)

C. Beth said...

Mama to a diva--Oh, yeah, child labor! Next week I'm sending her to area gas stations to see if she can pick up a night shift. She hasn't been sleeping too well lately anyway.

Bri--NO! I'm not listening to you (hands over ears.) It's all going to be easy--just lie, okay? :)

Ares--My sister and I irritated each other a whole lot growing up, but we're very close now. So there's hope! :) Thanks so much for the kind words about my blogs.

Mary said...

so sweet! what a great big sister!
big brother is always trying to make little brother smile or laugh over here when he sees him sad or upset..:) im going to definitely enjoy it after reading the other posters comment! :)

C. Beth said...

Mary--Yeah, we'd better enjoy it while it lasts, huh? :) Of course, Bri (previous poster) is Super Mom with five kids.... Surely it'll be easier for those of us with only two...? :)

Becky said...

I think that's so rewarding to see your kids interacting in such a sweet way. It never fails to make me smile.

You know what, though - I think there is hope. These days, my kids actually play together really well - and yes, I have to intercede sometimes when they're fighting over a toy, but in general they are so sweet together! So you never know! All bets are off by the time the teenage years come around, though.

C. Beth said...

Becky--That is encouraging to hear. :)

Faith said...

Those are the best moments. The moments when your children are genuinely enjoying one another & loving on one another. What a blessing.

Anonymous said...

Oh, how sweet!