Sunday, November 2, 2008

Bears and bears and bears, oh, my!

I finished the giveaway teddy bears for lucky winners Jennifer and Angie. There is one extra since I made one for my sister too. Nothin' wrong with a little nepotism.

I asked Chickie to name the bears for me. She came up with fantastic names that I will have to spell phonetically as I have never heard them before. Of course, those of you receiving the bears are welcome to change the names if you prefer more conventional monikers.

Without further ado, may I introduce...

Angie's bear (made of sparkly green felt)

Jennifer's bear (made of soft navy corduroy)

and Becki's bear (made of fabrics that match her rocking chair pads)

Interesting names, aren't they? Can we say future sci-fi writer?

I first gave Doguggeye white buttons for eyes. I had to change to black. Only those of you who watch Heroes will get this...but I kept looking at him and getting creeped out, thinking he was about to paint the future.

If you'd like to make your own little bears, download the pattern free at this site. I enlarged the pattern, but smaller bears would be cute too. I filled Chickie's bear with dry beans, but used popcorn for these three, and I like the popcorn better. Lentils or rice are also suggested at the original site.

Ladies, your bears will be shipped this week!


beckiwithani said...

Thank you!!!! I love it!

You're such a nerd. You know, if you're talking Heroes, then the black eyes could mean that the bear is about to kill someone with its mind ... like the woman from Mexico, you know?

C. Beth said...

Becki--Ha!! If you have any trouble, get your bear to Mr. Petrelli...if you have time....

Faith said...

They are so cute. I don't watch Heroes, but like the black eyes MUCH better anyway.

Sprightly has a bear named "Amemphsys". Sounds like a disease, but that's been her name for the last 4 years. Kids are creative.

C. Beth said...

Faith--Actually I decided to change to black for the same reason; the white just didn't look right. It was after making that decision that it struck me how much the eyes looked like the creepy Heroes eyes.

I'm impressed that Sprightly could remember that made-up name so long! Chickie actually re-named the blue bear "Stinky-o" after awhile. She likes coming up with weird (usually nonsensical) names but doesn't actually remember them later.