Monday, November 3, 2008

Poop and giggles

Yesterday morning was one of those times I just wanted an expert to come in and tell me how to solve all my parenting problems. Once again, our issue is poop.

Chickie has been extremely hesitant to do the deed, and Sunday morning she was in enough discomfort that we resorted to using a suppository. That was fun, let me tell you. The next couple of hours were filled with lots of crying and lots of poop (mostly in diapers, once in the potty.)

I felt that my little girl would never forgive me for using a medicine on her that hurt. I had visions of a bitter teenager, still angry at her mother for violating her in such a way. A bitter teenager who cries every time she needs to poop.

And then she got to a point that the medicine had done enough of its job that she calmed down. She wanted to wear panties instead of a diaper. She climbed up on the couch with me. She climbed on me. Laughing, I said, "You're laying on my head!" She started giggling. "I'm laying on your head!" My laughter harmonized with hers, and it was one of those perfect parenting moments, squished head and all.

And I was reminded that I've been building a relationship of love, trust, and boundaries with this little girl for almost three years. The bumps in the road don't change that. I'm doing my job as her mom, and that's what she's depending on me to do...whether I'm helping her poop, or sharing her giggles.


Becky said...

Great post, Beth! It captures so perfectly the extremes of parenting and how quickly you can go from frustration to elation.

Just a thought - both of my kids poop like geese if I give them grapes or undiluted juice. You've probably already tried things like that, though. I hope you're able to get the poop issue resolved soon. That doesn't sound like fun for either of you!

C. Beth said...

Becky--Yeah, we've been doing lots of fiber. I think we've tried almost everything at this point, but I pressured her enough that I'm really having to back off and encourage her to just go when she needs to, even in a diaper. One day it'll be in the day!

Sandra said...

Beth -- I'm sooo impressed with how you are handling this. I was a very young, very immature mommy doing this stuff, and it just tore me apart -- which, of course, traumatizes the child even more! You're doing such a good job, and have such a look-at-the-big-picture take on it. I just know it won't be too long 'til the poop'll be in the potty like clockwork! :)

Mary said...

what a sweet post beth..
thanks for the perspective.
what a sweet picture of you girls, too. :)

C. Beth said...

Sandra--Oh, that is such a nice compliment...but if only you knew! The amount of moaning and Googling and worrying and pressuring and even crying I've done over all this you might think otherwise about me! :)

Mary--Thank you!

foreverfoldinglaundry said...

So sweet! The poop-in-the-potty phase can be so tough! Sounds like you're doing great though. And what a great picture!

Mama to a diva said...

Argh, poop issues stink! Pun intended I guess. We had issues with the diva this summer. She just wouldn't or couldn't go. Miralax had to assist. Anyway, great post. When I got to the almost three years part I teared up a bit. I can't believe I have had the diva in my life for almost 3 years. Funny thing though, I can't really remember not having her in my life. You must feel the same way.

Sarah J Clark said...

What a story. Amazingly sweet, despite the subject matter! Great picture, too. Charming.

The Baby Catcher said...

Do not ever doubt your greatness! Your daughter is an adorable reflection of you!°Ü°