Friday, May 7, 2010


Have you ever heard this phrase?

I'm a woman. I don't sweat. I glisten.

I'm here to tell you this:

I'm a woman. And I SWEAT.

Here's me, after yesterday's run. I wish I'd thought to take this picture before I'd wiped the sweat from my face and recovered for a few minutes, but you still get the idea.


When I run,...
...I sweat. face gets red. hair gets greasy and frizzy.
...I stink.

And I'm claiming all of it--the sweat, the red face, the gross hair, even the stink. Because it's my body saying, "You've worked me hard today."

And in return, my body and mind reward me with energy. With happiness. With muscles. With a sense of accomplishment.

I can spend 15 of my waking hours controlling my sweat, making sure I smell good, and (when I feel like it), taming that hair and de-shining my face with makeup.

But for that other hour, bring on the sweat, and forget this "glistening" stuff. I've earned that sweat, and I'm owning it.


Juniper Saltus said...

I love it! I just recently started working out again and if I don't pour sweat then I not working hard enough! This post rocks. I am sharing this on FB!

Unknown said...

Wooo Girl Power! Way to own your hard work.

Call Me Cate said...

One of my pettiest peeves is the people who come to the gym and don't sweat. Since I go at the end of the day, I can understand the makeup - I've been at work all day as well so I'm wearing it too. I'll even forgive the perfume for the same reason (though someone needs to tell them they're wearing too much if it's still that strong at 5pm).

But when I go to the gym, I'm there to work. I'm wearing whatever is comfortable for me to sweat in and destroy. I keep my things basic - all of my pants/shorts are gray or black so I don't have to worry about matching. The perfectly coordinated, cute pigtails, and no-sweat people make me nuts.

That's right, if we workout, we sweat. Good for us! (Though I'm not putting a picture of me on my blog in that condition.)

Eternal Lizdom said...

YOU ARE SO RIGHT! I totlaly LOVE it when I sweat. I love the drippiness and droppiness and slidiness. It tells me that I am WORKING HARD and I know that I will get results!

Tiffany said...

I love the since of accomplishment and sweat after an awesome workout! I don't see how people can not be addicted to it :)

Jen said...

Oh, me too! It's gross, but it works.

SurvivorBlessing said...
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SurvivorBlessing said...

Sorry, I misspelled alot of stuff on my previous post.... meant to tell you that I am proud of you! Great job.

Also, that I am getting red very easily myself, like after a minute, I start looking like a tomato....
So yes, we earn it!!! Love the post!

Sandra said...

What a wonderful way to embrace exercise! You go, girl!