Thursday, May 6, 2010

All or nothing

A few things I've found to be true*...
  • My purse will either contain 12 writing utensils, or none.
  • When I shop for clothing for myself, I'll either find that nothing looks right (and I walk out disappointed), or everything looks great (and I have to leave some of the cute stuff behind.)
  • I either have more blogging topics than I have time to use, or complete writer's block.
What is your "all or nothing" truism?

*Okay, not really "true." Probably not even sort of "true." But every once in awhile it's fun to adopt a glass-half-empty attitude...especially if I get a blog post out of it!


Eternal Lizdom said...

Ha! I had the blog issue the other night- hence the list of ideas from Jeff for me (and then me for him). So it gave me something to write about for today that I wouldn't normally have thought of on my own. And it's giving him something to write about- which I really love!

Mellodee said...

If you go shop for something specific, but ordinary that you really need (e.g., a white cardigan, a black purse, a pair of white Keds, etc.), the items you needed will disappear from every retail establishment in the Western Hemisphere!! They will not re-appear until you no longer need them!

It never fails!!

2cats said...

Either all of the books in the store sound wonderfully intriguing or none of them seem even tolerably interesting.