Saturday, May 1, 2010

Six Word Saturday!

It's that time again...Six Word Saturday! To find out more about 6WS and to participate, check out Call Me Cate's rodent-fighting blog by clicking the button below.

My words:

Zoodle, can next week be boring?

And a bonus six words, by way of explanation:

Preferably no Poison Control or fevers.


Juniper Saltus said...

A boring week with kids is always a plus! Sometimes things definitely have a way of getting too exciting!

Margaret Ann said...

Boring is good...lets the soul breathe! Have a wonderfully calm week.:)

Olivia said...

Yes, I'm looking forward to some "boring" summer weeks myself! Gotta make it through May!

amanda said...

Wishing you a very boring week.
Love how you got both in 6 words! :)

Ron Cooper said...

Six-word reply:

Mommy-cation's what I want, OK dear?

My blog is all original inspirational writings. The most recent one is about smiling.


Autumn said...

Poison control? That can't be good!! When I was 3 I got a tea set for my birthday. About an hour after my party mom was watching me play in the yard with it. She put away the dishes she'd just cleaned then looked back out at me playing in the yard and noticed my tea cups were no longer empty. Come to find out I'd taken the 30 seconds she didn't have her eyes on me and poured liquid fire ant poison into my tea cups....

I hope you have a very boring week next week :) I'm sure after a week like this one you more than deserve it!!

Call Me Cate said... said I should visit your 6WS entry today. Having read your tweets from last night, I guess Zoodle decided not to comply with your request?