Friday, May 21, 2010

If you exercise, check out this site!

Do you exercise? If you do any sort of working out--weight training, DVD workouts, running, cycling, swimming, etc.--DailyMile is a great way to track your progress!

As I was nearing the end of the Couch-to-5K program, I started using DailyMile, and immediately loved its mapping feature, which I use to see how long a running route is. I can either plan a route before I run, or come home and enter the route to see how far I've gone. I always keep my maps visible only to me and my Daily Mile friends, to protect my privacy. That way my neighborhood map isn't visible to the whole Internet! DailyMile also calculates my running pace for me, when I enter the route and a time, and even estimates the number of calories I burned on a run.

I also use DailyMile to record any other exercise I do. At the end of the week, DailyMile sends me a review of my training. While DailyMile's software is probably most useful for those who do workouts that can be tracked by the mile (like running, walking, or cycling), it's still a great community for those who work out to DVDs or who lift weights.

Yes, I called it a "community." DailyMile is also a social network. I haven't used the message board there, but I bet it would be a great way to get feedback from others who do the same types of workouts you do. I have "friends" on DailyMile, and it's so encouraging when my friends post a quick note telling me that I did a great job on a run! I also love seeing what others are doing. I usually work out alone, and DailyMile helps me to feel I'm part of a community, all of us working to improve or maintain our fitness levels.

Exercise journaling is frequently recommended to those who want to get, and stay, fit. DailyMile provides an easy way to journal, with the added benefit of real people who want to support you. I even automatically share my running workouts with my Facebook friends!

Best of all, DailyMile is 100% free. I'm not sure how they manage that, since the site doesn't seem to have ads on it. But hey, I'm not complaining! (By the way, they aren't paying me to write this either. I'm guessing they don't have much of an ad budget!)

If you're interested in DailyMile, click on the icon below. And be sure to let me know if you're going to sign up!


Unknown said...

I am signing up for this! Thank you for sharing the link. I can't wait to find out the distance of my walking routes.

Laurel said...

Okay Beth...I signed up for this. :-). Here goes....

Autumn said...

I LOVE Daily Mile!!! <3 Thanks Beth for showing it to me however long ago!! It has been a big help to my workouts!

Traci said...

Love this site too!!