Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A shopping trip with two kids

Yesterday morning I remembered I had a $30 voucher for Kohls, a department store, and I realized that it was the last day I could use it. So after we ate lunch, I took the kids with me to go shopping.

The visit started off on the wrong foot, when I started to pull into a parking spot and realized it was blocked.


The driver of this truck really disappointed me. He (or I suppose it could be she) had a perfect opportunity to take up four parking spots, and instead only used three. I'm sure next time (s)he will strive to do better!

We headed inside, where I spent quite some time picking out clothes to try on. Thankfully the big dressing room was available, and we all fit inside. But when I tried on a cute green shirt, I found myself once again wondering, When did "extra small" start meaning "medium"? This photo doesn't do the shirt justice--in fact, if it really looked like this, I might have wanted it. In real life, with both arms down, it hung on me like a nightshirt, and felt like it would fall off my nonexistent shoulders at any moment.


Unfortunately, this type of sizing tends to relegate me to the juniors department at most stores. I can sometimes find what I need, but it can be frustrating. I'm 32 and don't really feel like wearing short cut-off shorts, thank you very much.

We continued to shop, and by the time we were driving home, Zoodle was sleepy and grumpy.


(Why, Mommy? Why must you put me through the torture of shopping for non-toys?)

Chickie was okay until I told her she would need to wait until after her quiet time to have an ice cream sandwich. When her attitude went downhill and she refused to change it, I let her know (after plenty of warning) that the ice cream sandwich wasn't going to happen. She didn't take the news well.


Finally, though, we arrived home, and after some drama, both kids were in their rooms for naptime or quiet time.

And after trying on four shirts, a dress, two bathing suit tops, and three bathing suit bottoms, what did I come home with?

An electric griddle.


(And thankfully it's sized just right.)

Edited on Wednesday morning: Notice how that box is a little beat up on top? It was the last available. I opened it this morning and one of the plastic pieces is broken. So, friends, wish me the best of luck when I go to a different Kohl's today to hopefully exchange it! I'm glad there's another Kohl's nearby.


*Monica said...

Sounds like a great time! Just use the electric griddle and be done with

Unknown said...

You's funny how you can take a really stinky situation and make it funny for us! ;-)

It's rather odd to think about how I've changed through the years. A few short years ago I would have parked the front bumper of my truck pretty even with that guy's door...then sat somewhere and watched him as he crawled through the passenger side. Now...I'd probably just shake my head and keep moving...or blog about it! ;-)

Sorry you had a rough day...happy you saw the humor in it to share with us!

mkellas said...

Beth, OMG, I am wearing that shirt (in white) that you tried on! I am sitting here at my desk at work and I am WEARING IT! How funny is that?

Eternal Lizdom said...

Sounds exactly like the kind of day I would have!! And sounds like the same choice I would have made.

I used my lunch hour last week to do a little shopping at Penney's. My goal was to find some fun skirts for ME. Instead, I walked out with spring/summer wardrobes for my kids. *sigh*


Call Me Cate said...

Too funny - as soon as I saw that truck, I thought "he could've been taking up FOUR spots so maybe we should be happy with only three".

I'm hoping for a follow-up to this post that involves cooking something on that griddle and new photos of you, Chickie, and Zoodle, all smiling instead of having the grumpies.

Unknown said...

I love the comment on the truck! It would have been so tempting to leave them a note to that affect.

As for the griddle...I don't know if the ads cross states but I got an ad paper for Kohls yesterday that had that griddle for $9.99 after a $10 rebate. I am pretty sure the deal started today. You may want to check into that!

Amanda said...

I call shopping trips like that...a regular shopping trip lol. Never fails when I exhaust myself and the kids to only have to go back because of a cruddy product.

Linda said...

I have that griddle. You'll like it more than the shirt. :-)

forever folding laundry said...

I'm pretty sure this guy's brother was driving an old Oldsmobile and cut me off this morning. Grrr.

Next time wait until your hubby's home and make it a niiiiice, relaxing, trip by yourself! :)