Thursday, April 8, 2010

Four eyes

I wear contact lenses almost all the time--I prefer them to my glasses for various reasons. But this week I've spent a few days in glasses thanks to a stye on my eyelid. I've never had one before, and apparently they're kind of like eyelid pimples. (I just crossed into the realm of too much information, didn't I?)

Anyway--I'm glad that I do have glasses I like, so I'm okay with wearing them every so often.


And I've realized glasses do offer me certain benefits. What better way to look like a thoughtful intellectual?


And if I want, I can rip them off like the sexy secretary in the movies.


(I know, I know..."eyelid pimple" sorta nullifies the whole "sexy" concept.)

And I think glasses can also lend an air of severity, useful when Mean Mommy needs to step in.


As I write this on Wednesday, my eye is mostly better, so I'll be retiring my glasses again soon. But they'll certainly be useful again. I was wearing them several months ago when a friend told me I look scholarly. "My scholarly look is remarkably similar to my allergy-eyes look," I informed him.

Yep, whether I want to look smart or just want to combat red eye, sometimes having four eyes comes in handy.


silver star said...

I wear contacts, but lately I've been wearing my glasses more. At my job, between the wind, dirt and smoke, I have to always wear my glasses out there. Also, I had to switch to daily contacts a year ago after my favorite brand was discontinued and others irritated my eyes too much, they're too expensive for me to wear everyday, but I do love them! I know little kids can wreck havoc on glasses, so I hope yours are holding up well.

Eternal Lizdom said...

I've been wearing my glasses for months now- simply because I haven't made the time to make and keep an appt with an eye doc for a new scrip for contacts. Our insurance changed last year and then my contacts scrip ran out and... I just haven't gotten back to it. But with summer approaching... I really want my contacts back!


You have now inspired me. Maybe a new set of frames would turn me into a severely sexy intellectual mama!

Unknown said...

Very scholarly look my dear and lovely frames.

I too wear contacts but occasionally sport my glasses for a few days in a row to give the old allergy eyes a break. It's nice to change things up now and then.

Traci said...

The last time I wore mine my friend told me that I just got younger. lol I can't stand my glasses and only wear them out of necessity when something is wrong with my eyes or contacts. I need new ones with the right prescription. That would help.

Tiffany said...

You look great in glasses!!!! You're hair is getting sooo long! Beautiful momma you are Beth!

Donnetta said...

I just had to wear my glasses for a WEEK because in my contacts too much and created an indention on my eyeball!!

I don't LIKE to wear glasses!!

Unknown said...

I adore your sense of humor....and you look cute in glasses!

dragyonfly said...

I think your glasses are divine, dahling.

Oh.And don't sweat the eyelid pimple thing. Some stranger guy came up to me yesterday at walgreens, and asked me what was good to put on a boil.

I must look "boil-wise" eyelid pimples are small potatoes to the boil friendly one.

kortia said...

It is just water, so if you are brave just get a needle and poke it! :) I cna do it no problem, howver the wife freaks on it. Either way be careful with a needle if you go that route!