Friday, April 2, 2010

April Fool's!

Many times, Chickie has watched an episode of Caillou that's about April Fool's. So she "gets it." I told her it was April Fool's yesterday, and we had fun with it.

I told her it was snowing outside, and when she went to the window..."April Fool's!" I remember my mom playing that same April Fool's joke on me when I was small, and I still remember how very disappointed I was not to see snow on the ground! Thankfully Chickie giggled and took it in stride.

She told me the doorknob had come off the door. I told her there was a big spider on the floor. (It was really the dog's rope toy.) A few minutes later, she told me there was a spider on the floor. It didn't fool me, but in her 4-year-old mind it's all about being funny, not necessarily about really "pulling one over" on someone.

Ro*Tel posted a photo on Twitter of the new product they're launching: Diced Beets & Green Chilies. Check out the funny picture here.

Google named itself "Topeka" for the day...after Topeka, KS recently (in a bid to get some Google business to their city) renamed itself "Google." Read about it here.

And then, of course, there was my afternoon blog post yesterday....

What fun April Fool's jokes did you see, hear, or create?


Eternal Lizdom said...

Before leaving work on Weds, I went into offices of 2 friends and turned everything upside down. Including the name plates outside of their offices. Keyboard, mouse, files, empty mugs, tissues, calendars, and so on.

I pulled an office prank a few years ago- for a birthday in July- and that friend STILL finds bits of it! She hates making a deal about her birthday. So instead of doing something loud and announce-y, I made about 50 signs on single sheets of paper and hid them all over her office- in files, drawers, piles of papers, and so on. I did that... 3 years ago? We just moved out office and did major file cleaning and she was finding my little birthday signs in her clean up job and has even found one since we moved into our new digs!

Toni said...

My Best Friends is making a carry-on bag for me for my trip to PA.

She sent me a text yesterday and told me she was on the way to the ER because she put a sewing needle right through her finger. I totally bought it! Ha, you'd have to know her! It never once crossed my mind that she might be joking.

I asked how that happened and she replied that she had been working on MY bag at the time. *Sigh* Haha.

Much later that night I sent her a message to ask how her hand was.

She replied "HAHA OOPS! APRIL FOOLS!!!" She had forgotten to tell me it was a joke. Hehe. Anyway, that was the only joke on me.

(BiL called Hubby and told him he had been pulled over and arrested out of state . . . you'd have to knw him too.)