Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I'm a cheater. Instead of writing a blog post today, I'm sending you over to Show My Face, where Call Me Cate let me write a guest post for her while she's in Europe. (Yes, readers, I'm jealous too!)

So hop on over and read C. Beth Tries to Change My Mind. It's a post about sci-fi. Because sci-fi rocks. Even though Cate doesn't realize it yet.


Autumn said...

Yes sci-fi DOES rock!! Jason (my bf) got my interest piqued in sci-fi and I've been hooked ever since - shows, books, movies, games, etc. Pretty awesome stuff!!

Heidi said...

Yeah, so, if you ever come to my house I am HIDING the remote. Throwing it in the pool, burying it under the lemon tree, SOMETHING because between you, your engineer and my engineer I'd be SyFy channeled out. :)