Sunday, April 11, 2010

Destination party

"Destination weddings" are popular right now--weddings in the Caribbean, or Hawaii, or other exotic locales.

For kids, "destination parties" are even more of a trend, with birthday parties being celebrated everywhere else but at home. And it's more than just Chuck E. Cheese these days; birthday parties can be held at indoor gyms, indoor bounce houses, and more.

We've always taken the affordable route and had birthday parties at home, but this year for Zoodle's (belated) birthday party, we branched out. There's a fairly new frozen yogurt shop in our area that is really fun. All the yogurt and toppings are self-serve, and you pay by the ounce. The walls, tables, and chairs are some sort of plexiglass or something, and they provide dry erase markers so kids can write all over the restaurant! And...they have a party room.

So here it is, Zoodle's first "destination party"!

Eating pizza. (The yogurt shop let us bring in our own food.)

Candle blowing success!

A close-up of the cake I made, which has Caillou on it. Caillou is a PBS cartoon character that Zoodle loves.

And of course, the best part--presents!

One of my favorite aspects of a "destination party"? Coming home and NOT having to clean up the place! Instead, we came home and bagged up a bunch of seldom-used toys to Freecycle, so that all Zoodle's new stuff wouldn't just make our clutter worse!

We won't do "destination parties" every year, but it was a fun treat for all of us this year.


Rachel Cotterill said...

I always had the best birthday parties (well, I thought so!) because my parents put a lot of time and care into making each year special, with a theme, etc. Most of my friends also had parties at home, but as we got older we'd move on to things like bowling or a meal out somewhere. I think it's great to have variety - and that place sound fab, I would secretly love to be able to draw on the restaurant walls ;)

beckiwithani said...

The cake looks awesome! Your first attempt at fondant? So cool!

Janell said...

Ok, I am beyond impressed by that cake. Great job!

We've always done parties at home or at the park so far. I may do a destination party next time ... not having to clean up sounds pretty good!

caryn said...

I already tweeted this to you but I have to say it again, the cake looks great! Caillou is one of Ellie's favorite.

Mellodee said...

Perfect place for a birthday, especially for the littlest ones!

SciFi Mama said...

Totally love being able to draw on the wall, tables and chairs. That just rocks! We had our first "destination party" this year at our local hands on science museum. I'm sure you're large town must have one. You may want to consider a yearly membership. I get one every year for Mommy's Day. We got a 20% discount on the price of the party. They did EVERYTHING, from sending me invites to hand out, to the cake, punch, goody bags, clean up, all of it. Plus we get to play there as much as we want for free for a full year.

Looks like a really fun party.

Eternal Lizdom said...

Happy Birthday to Zoodle! What a fun party! That yogurt place sounds fantastic!

We did our first friend party this year for Teagan. We went with Build A Bear and it was fantastic!!

Kendra said...

so sorry we missed it! looks like everyone had a great time! :)

SurvivorBlessing said...

We had a great time - and you deserved not to have to clean afterward - you did this three times very recently!!! So glad we were part of Zoodle turning 2 - he seems to have grown over the last month or so! Big boy! Thank you.