Thursday, January 22, 2009

Oldies But Goodies: Ice cream

This post, titled "Summer treat," was originally published June 5, 2008.


The appetite of a nursing mom is a powerful force. It leads her to do strange and daring things. Things like letting her toddler eat a McDonald's ice cream cone in the car because Mama is so hungry she needs food NOW and she realizes she can't eat ice cream without buying some for the munchkin. Yeah, I know, I was risking total destruction of my vehicle, but it is ten years old, and besides, I like to live on the edge. This risky behavior is sort of fun; I think next week I'll take Chickie bungee jumping.

It was a risk that paid off. A lot of ice cream ended up on Chickie's face, but only one large drop fell on her car seat. I think she was happy with the situation, too....

I did learn something important. McDonald's puts these little paper sleeves on the bottom half of their ice cream cones. Well, I guess the sleeve should be removed before handing the ice cream cone to the child. When I did remove it upon our arrival home, it looked like this (the upper edge lining up perfectly with the bite marks in the cone):

So let me get this straight, sweet Chickie. You are perfectly okay with eating paper, sand, lip balm, and baby shampoo, but mashed potatoes and green beans are GROSS. I suppose in some alternate universe called "Toddlerlogic" that makes perfect sense.


~hon~ said...

This is so funny! Very cute. She sure looks like she had a lot of fun. Don't worry it will melt in her. hehehe! just kidding! I used to dislike mashed potatoes but now I LOVE it! In fact, I might eat some soon. I miss it!

I LOVE this post! Fun!

Unknown said...

Oh yeah. I've often wondered if I put vegetables into an ice cream cone, maybe they would eat them...

Sandra said...

Hey, I think ElleBee has a great idea. Puree turnips and stir them into ice cream! Isn't that kind of a new "fad" right now? "Hiding" veggies in other foods? Great idea that I wish had been around when my kids were little.

Really cute post. And judging from the wrapper, you weren't the ONLY one who was realllly hungry.

Omah's Helping Hands said...

Love it Beth! If you ever find the logic in that, please share. Ha ha ;)
I wish men were able to live on the edge a little bit also. I get chewed out when allowing the grand kids food in the van. Hmmphh.
Another good laugh. Thank you!
Oh, and be careful do the bungie jump. :)