Thursday, January 29, 2009

Life Skills

We are home, and we had a great visit with my parents ("Grammy and Sampa.")  One thing I love about my parents is that I can count on them to teach my children important life skills. And Grammy definitely came through on this trip.

I'm pretty sure Chickie's newest Grammy-taught skill will be useful when she's applying for jobs in a couple of decades.  


I gotta say, olive that girl.  (Insert groan.)


Angela said...

I think olive fingers are super cute! I will say I'm shocked she wasn't already doing this.

Glad you had a good trip. Can't wait to hear more details or see a few new pics!

C. Beth said...

Angie--My mom was totally surprised she hadn't learned that yet, too! I had to explain, we always buy sliced olives, so she hasn't had much whole-olive experience. :)

Tia--It was very cute how proud my mom was of it.

A Woman Of No Importance said...

The fact that she is enjoying such diverse food tastes at so young an age is wonderful - She will never be a fussy eater!

Call Me Cate said...

There's no way at Chickie's age that I would've eaten olives. Or much of anything else. It makes me sad to know I missed out on olive fingers in my childhood.

I'm glad you had a good trip but I'm glad you're home for selfish reasons - I've missed new posts from you!

And how appropriate, my word verification is "awness". Chickie is just oozing awness!

beckiwithani said...

I've gotta teach Molly that! So cute! Only problem is, we usually get kalamata or green olives. And while there's a good chance she'd like the milder black ones, she's not crazy about the ones we buy.

Maybe I'll buy some black ones just for her. :)

Isabella said...

Welcome back!

What an awesome skill. Now, if she can read a book and eat olives like that, you can classify that as multi-tasking. Totally job worthy.


Sandra said...

I'm a little surprised to say that I have NEVER seen this done before. I must have lived a really sheltered life! And I would NEVER have eaten ripe olives when I was little. Good girl, Chickie.

Crazy Mo said...

Wait ... you mean you're NOT supposed to eat them like this?? Uh oh!

The Contessa said...

I had to stop doing that because my fingers were too big and I was breaking the olives! Broken olives just don't taste the same.

Unknown said...

I still do that! At home, of course, ahem.

I also do that with Bugles, I mean, how can you not, right?

Peace - Rene

Lyndsay said...

Welcome back ...

Missed you!

C. Beth said...

A Woman of No Importance--Well, she's not terribly picky but has plenty of things she doesn't like. But in general things that are pickled, she likes. I don't think canned olives are exactly pickled, but they kinda have that taste.

Call Me Cate--Aww, thanks, it's good to be home! Hope your migraine is gone soon. :(

beckiwithani--You should get some just for her! If she really likes black olives I bet as she gets older she might like kalamata &/or green. That's how I was.

Isabella--Olives + a good book. I don't know about Chickie, but that sounds like a good evening to me!

Sandra--WOW; you MUST try olives on your fingers! :)

Crazy Mo--I think it would be fabulous if you never grow out of finger-olive-eating!

The Contessa--Aww, they should sell extra large olives just for that!

Not the Rockefellers--I haven't had Bugles in years! Yum!

Lyndsay--Thanks! Great to be back!

Our Scoop said...

Super cute!! I love that :) I am glad you are back. Missed reading your posts...although I definitely read the oldies but goodies!

For blue skies. said...

aw thats so cute! me and my cousin did that at thanksgiving dinner last year, and shes 29 and I'm 15. we're reallly mature :)