Wednesday, November 26, 2008

List, list, list

My mom is a master of organization and an expert list-maker.

I recognize that writing this post and publishing the photo below means I am publicly admitting I'm turning into her.

I'm okay with that. As long as I can continue to keep my house a little less clean than hers, that is.

So, here goes. This is my attempt to keep Thanksgiving cooking stress at a minimum while still getting dinner on the table at 2:00ish. I'll have to report back on its effectiveness in a few days.



EliandMe said...

Wow, you're so organised - I'm impressed!

I am terrible for making to do lists including items I have already completed, just for the satisfaction of crossing them out.

tanjerine said...

Very impressive.
I love lists. It makes me happy to cross things out, especially when I am way ahead of my schedule...

Kara said...

I do the same thing! I also love to make chore to-do lists every day because it feels awesome to cross things off. I'll even break it down to: strip bed; wash sheets; put on new sheets, just so I can have more to cross off :-)

Unknown said...

Ah, those lists! Yep, your ma is at the head of the list class. She has backed off a bit lately, though. She's mellowing. Maybe it's because I'm more organized than I used to be. Sure helped when she had a house full of young-uns to manage.

From experience, let me encourage you to find some time for relaxation in the middle of your tasks. In fact, put it on your list!


Anna said...

I do the same thing when we're expecting company! I love having something to check off as I prepare!
Great Job!

Angie said...

I love my lists. They make life so much easier. I really get satisfaction from seeing something crossed off my to do list.

Looks like you'll have a great meal! Enjoy it.

Kerri said...

Will you come to my house and organize me? It's 9:30 and I need to be at a party an hour away at 11. I'm still in my jammies and I haven't made the pasta salad yet. And I'm surfing the Net. Ooops. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Gobble Gobble

Kristi said...

I think I just fell in love with you , Beth! ;)

beckiwithani said...

I had a similar turning-into-Mom moment this week when I sent Donal a grocery list, organized by department (produce, dairy, etc.)

I guess we do it because it really does make life easier! Hopefully Mom won't say, "I told you so!"

Cathy said...

I'd like to say - "Wow, that list is MUCH more detailed than mine ever are!" -- but I'd be lying!! :) - Love, mom

DiPaola Momma said...

I don't know what is more cute here.. the list or the leaves you drew on it.. keep with the theme. I'm sure you'll have a much smoother day than us fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants folks. lol

Dina said...

I always thought I was somewhat of an expert list maker, but judging from your impressive timeline list, I may only be a novice. Such a detailed timeline may have been very helpful for me last year when we had the pleasure of hosting Thanksgiving. This year, we have the pleasure of traveling and none of the stress of preparing. I'm not sure who's more relieved - my family or me! :-) HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Faith said...

Ah...I LOVE schedules! I am a scheduler myself.
Looking forward to finding out how well it worked for you (read: how well you followed it).

Anonymous said...

Oh, this will help me out! I am making my first Thanksgiving dinner this year, and I am already behind schedule since I am playing blog tag.

I tagged you, check out my blog for the rules. :)

It is the My Moments blog.

Anonymous said...

And you even have time to decorate with with leaves! You are way too impressive, woman!!!

Mike said...

Organization = success.

Beth = organized in an non-creepy way.


Organization + Beth = success in a non-creepy way!

Hurrah and congrats! Best of wishessssssss for the feast.....!


C. Beth said...

EliandMe--Crossing things out fels great, doesn't it?

Die Romi--I wish I'd been ahead of schedule today--I feel like I spent all day in the kitchen. Hopefully it won't feel like all day tomorrow.

Kara--Now, that's very cute!

Dad--Guess I should have scheduled in more relaxation today--I'm pooped.

Anna--Yeah, I did a little mini-list yesterday for company prep!

Angie--Thank you, you too!

Kerri--So, did you get the pasta salad done? :)

Kristi--Ha ha ha! I'm glad you love me and my list!

beckiwithani--I've been doing the department-organized grocery lists for awhile now...hadn't even connected it with Mom!

Mom--Ha!! I believe it!

Dina Maas--Oh, I don't know, even if dinner was late last year, I bet everyone else appreciated not having to make it!

Faith--I'm looking forward to reporting back--hopefully a positive report!

Jen--Let me know how the first Thanksgiving dinner you make turns out!

Sandi--Aww, thanks! :) I literally did multiple drafts of this. I guess I'm spoiled by the "delete" button, as I just didn't want it to have "typos." I ended up having to be okay with some mistakes--the leaves made me feel better about it, anyway.

Mike Fan--Yaay, success in a non-creepy way! That's a good goal to attain!

Anonymous said...

Reading your post and the comments I think even I should resort to making lists and schedules.
You know I am a big procastinator! I always do things at the nick of the time. And then I would be running here and there to get things done pretty much like a Tom and Jerry chase ;-)

I hope I would take up this good habit :)

Check out my new post A Perfect Summer Day

Sandra said...

I don't go into QUITE that amount of detail, but I do make a "time table" and countdown to the meal. I have no idea how people get it all done at the same time without one!