Thursday, November 20, 2008

Does Perfect Love Cast Out Fear?

That's the title of the latest installment in the Chickie Poop Saga.

What do you think, folks--can her love of WALL-E conquer her fear of pooping in the potty?

The plan:
1. Pooping in the potty gets her a sticker on the potty chart (see below) and a toy from The Toy Drawer. She'll get four stickers and four toys and then...
2. With Poop #5, she'll get a sticker and the WALL-E movie.

She's talking excitedly about it, so we'll see if it works. Wish us luck!

Here's the chart:

I thought of drawing little poopies in the potties, but I was concerned that guests might find that weird. (Good thing looking at hand-drawn toilets when you get juice from the fridge isn't strange at all.)


Tia said...

Good luck! I can't even get ellie to potty in the potty. She might be the first high schooler in history to wear diapers. She is ATTACHED!

Kristi said...

How creative is that?! Love DOES conquer all, you know? :)

DiPaola Momma said...

I'm now potty training number 4. She is hit or miss. Most days she has a few oopsies. Every now and then we'll make it to the end of the day clean and clear. Let me tell ya. If I've learned one thing in about toliet training. It's that they really do "do it" on their own schedule. My 15 year old did it in ONE DAY. No joke! He told his nanny (back then I had a realy job) he wanted to potty and from then on he never had a single accident. #2 was like #4 she was hit or miss but it took about 2 months and she was done. I've been working with #4 for four months now! And skittles worked for #3. As soon as he figured out he got 1 for pee and 2 for poo he was all about the potty. GOOD LUCK!

DiPaola Momma said...

BTW, I just have to add.. WOW you can draw woman. I had to go buy the Elmo potty chart!

Anonymous said...

As you know Jenna & Chickie were having similar potty training and poop + toilet issues!
This is what I have realized: They do it when THEY feel like it. No amount of promises (chocolate cookies, new panties, celebrations, toys, outings....) could get her to poop in the toilet.
All of a sudden, last weekend, Jenna started peeing without being asked AND pooping in the potty. I have no idea why or if its going to last but its great . Hang in there!

Sandra said...

What an adorable chart. I would not be offended at all if I were getting juice out of the frig and looking at the chart at the same time -- very tastefully done.

Good luck. Just remember potting training is just practice for driver's training -- except, unlike DT, PT hardly ever hurts anybody if it goes wrong! :)

Omah's Helping Hands said...

Neat idea! I'll have to share this one with my daughter. Like many others commented, it is all when they want to, but bribery sometimes does work! Good luck.

Jenners said...

That must be the cutest little potty training chart I've ever seen!

Good luck but I have my doubts if it will work. I tried EVERYTHING with my son -- including, in a huge moment of weakness, the offer of a ride-on tractor that cost over $200. But absolutely nothing worked. He would get really excited and it seemed like he would be on board but when it actually came time to go poop on the potty, he just wouldn't do it. I finally gave up and stopped bribing him and bothering him. And then, one day, he decided he was ready and he went on the potty -- of course, I should mention that my husband had to build him a homemade thing out of PVC pipe that looked like a hurdle that could be placed in front of the potty. He wanted something to hang to. Turns out he was afraid of getting flushed down the toilet but once he had his "hanging on" thing, it was fine. Fortunately, he was able to get over this fear after about a week and we were able to dissemble the contraption.

I don't know if you've had this type of discussion with your little one but maybe there is a deep fear like my sons.

It could also be a control issue. My friend had the WORST time with her daughter; she wouldn't go -- and we swear it was out of spite -- until she was 4.

Who knows...I wish you the best of luck!!!!

Anonymous said...

I haven't had to potty train in thirteen years, but I actually miss it (crazy huh?). Your idea is an awesome one!

Special K said...

Go chickie Go chickie. Still can't et used to that nickname by the way. But go chickie go chickie!!!!

Anonymous said...

I did everything I could think of to potty-train my boy. He refused. One day at preschool (yes, he was 4), he had diarhea and his childcare provider didn't change his diaper. It burned him so bad, he immediately stopped with the diapers. Now, I'm absolutely NOT advocating this, but I'm sure because I didn't push the potty-training, that's the reason he's never had an accident. Just be patient. It will happen. boy's pre-teen now. Argh. Another set of problems. Vikki

Mike said...

The best and strangest bribe/incentive ever!!

I'd be excited too :) It sounds like such an awesome movie, though I haven't seen it!


C. Beth said...

Tia--I hate to say it, but I am actually encouraged when I hear about someone else whose child is having trouble!

Kristi--Look at you with your pretty new avatar! :)

DiPaola--Thanks! I had fun drawing those potties!

DiPaola, Sarah, Omah's, Jenners, and Vikki--Thank you for the reminders to be patient. Thanks to you, I'm trying to lay off a bit--which is what I had been doing before trying this new thing. I'm keeping the incentive there but I'm going to try not to talk about it much. She'll see it on the fridge and one day maybe it'll help her take the step...when SHE'S ready. (Please, God, soon!) :)

Sandra--Oh, after all this, I think I'm deciding right now to give the driver training to The Engineer. ;)

Jenners--We've talked about why she doesn't want to go but as of now she seems to be having a hard time verbalizing what she's afraid of. Ugh!!

Tabby--You miss it? Oh, girl, come on over here and do it for me! :D

Special K--I know; I keep having to change the "real names" I've typed--hard to change those habits.

Vikki--You mean things don't just automatically get easy once the potty trained is done? BUMMER! ;)

Mike--Oh, it's a great movie! Maybe if you talk to your mum, she'll buy it for you...after you poop in the potty 5 times, of course. :)

Mike said...

Oh I think I can arrange my six-year-old brother to do some pooping :P His current problem*bad aim*. I'm lately a victim of many a wet toilet seat....


Rebecca Newman said...

I'm also potty training no.3. Toilet training is not one of my special talents (to quote my 7-year-old daughter). Hate it. Outsourcing it sounds good (as per one of your comments up there!!)

Anonymous said...

Love it! What a great idea. You draw a mean potty :-).