Friday, July 18, 2008

A love poem

Ode to My Honda

I purchased you six years ago
Your miles were 50K
Your engine is six cylinder,
Your paint a silver-gray

I loved your soft tan leather
Caressed your clean dashboard
Showed off that flippy-open thing
Where sunglasses are stored

I've watched the digital odometer
Creep higher every year
When we hit 150K
I rejoiced, my dear

Your seats have scratches now
Your engine makes some noise
And underneath two carseats
Are crackers, crumbs, and toys

But we live in sweet Accord
Although your paint is dull
Why are you so adored?
My dear, you're paid in full.



Shannon said...

Love the poem! I have a similar relationship with my Ford Focus. LOL

Anonymous said...

That is hilarious!!

Mike said...

What a sweet poem!