Thursday, July 31, 2008

Double double toil and trouble

Double double
Zoodle had his 4 month appointment yesterday and has officially doubled his birthweight. He was 7 pounds 8 ounces at birth and is now 15 pounds 1 ounce.

Toil and trouble
Thankfully he does not provide us with a lot of "toil and trouble". In fact, we've been blessed with an easy baby....aaaaaah, bliss! Chickie was not a terribly difficult baby but definitely has always had a stronger will than Zoodle. As my dad would say, "She has 'leader' written all over her." At age two that means she has "challenge" written all over her, too!

Having the second one be the easier one is definitely the way to go. If the first had been easy, we might have patted ourselves on the back and said, "Wow, we must be great parents!" When the second one is easy, we just breathe a sigh of relief and say, "Thank you, God!"

Oh, and for the record? Even an easy baby hates getting shots.


Mommy Vern said...

Garrett gets his 4 month check up on Wednesday. It will be interesting to see if he has doubled his weight too.

I haven't figured out if he's an easy baby yet!

Does Eli get 4 shots at once? I have Garrett on an alternative schedule, so he only gets 2 at every checkup. It makes for a somewhat better mood, if that's even possible.

BTW, when are you planning to give Eli solids?

Mommy Vern said...

One other thing, completely unrelated...since I know you like spicy food, I wanted to you ever frequent Abuelo's in Austin? My husband works at the one here and we have a good friend that works at that one.

C. Beth said...

mommy vern--Hopefully your next one will be so easy that it'll be clear (s)he is an easy baby! :)

Eli only got two shots. It was supposed to be three but they were out of one, so he'll go back later for that one. It was his first set of shots; he was sick at 2 month and didn't get any. I don't think my doctor (family practitioner) automatically follows the prescribed schedule.

We'll probably start solids around 6 months. Maybe slightly earlier if he starts showing tons of interest, maybe later if he's uninterested. I kind of find solids to be a pain so I'm not that excited about it. :)

C. Beth said...

Oh, and Abuelos! I haven't been there though Mexican food sounds SO good right now. I Googled it, and it's pretty far from where we live, unfortunately.

Unknown said...

Ana the leader...

Turn her loose and she'll solve the health care crisis, clean up the environment, bring the troops home and have a tantrum (or two) -- all before naptime!

Sam, Dad, Sampa