Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Battle

The Location: Grandma & Grandpa's House

The Fighters: Chickie's Good Side vs. Chickie's Bad--um, I Mean Curious--Side

The Casualties: A photograph of Grandpa's mother as a child (over 100 years old), a pretty painted duck figurine, and Mommy's sanity.

This trip has actually been really good so far, but I am definitely getting frustrated with the drawbacks of being in a place that has a lot of interesting objects and is not entirely childproofed. When she's not breaking things, she's often finding other ways to test the limits. I don't think Chickie's ever been in time out so much in the span of three days.

But the weather is pretty close to perfect; I've read 2 books; the food is delicious; and the company is great; so I guess I can put up with some toddler antics.

But, really, if she's going to break something, couldn't it be, like, a chipped freebie coffee mug or something? I guess she has an eye for quality. One day I'll appreciate that.


Mommy Vern said...

Oh the joys of motherhood!! BTW, I simply LOVE the photo of Ana on the right. So cute.

Anonymous said...

OH NO!!!!!! I will pray for patience... good luck! :o)