Monday, July 14, 2008

Two and a half

Chickie is two and a half years old today! In honor of her (semi-)milestone, here are two and a half of my favorite things about my big girl:

1. I love how she memorizes parts of books and then "reads" them with enthusiasm. There's nothing like hearing her toddler voice reciting "Wama Wama Wed Pajama" (Llama Llama Red Pajama).

2. I love how much she loves her brother. Right now she's not always as gentle as she should be, but I can see how much fun it'll be when he gets older and she gets to really play with him.

2 1/2. I love how

Since that's only half a thing I love about her, you can finish it for me. If you know Chickie, feel free to leave a comment on what you love about her. I'll read them to her...and if I do it often enough, she may "read" them to herself soon!


Anonymous said...

Two and half today...I was wondering why she was acting so grown up :-)!

What I love about Ana is those intuitive moments when I can see what a smart, confident and loving person she is to she soaks up knowledge, sitting straight up excited to learn watching a kids education show; or how when I asked her the other morning (you were tending to the dog)where Eli's nose was and she kissed it and then when I asked her where Eli's ears were, she sweetly kissed those too; and lastly, how comfortable she is at only age two at being simply Ana. She accepts herself with no qualms about it :-). That's what I love about Ana.

By the way, favorite silly picture of her and Eli..what a stud muffin!! He could be a movie star!!

Much love,

Cathy said...

I love the way Ana loves me - her "Grammy". It took just forever for her to call me Grammy and when she did, she can't seem to say it enough. She'll say, "Grammy, did you know..." or "Grammy, what are you doing"? And my favorite: When she sees Sampa and not me, she always says, "Where's Grammy?" I love hearing her little voice call out to me. I love Ana and she loves me!

Unknown said...

I love Ana because she's, well, so lovable. On the other side of "Where's Grammy" is "Where's Sampa". Her absolute love of life is contagious, even though it's often tiring. The moments so far that I cherish the most are when she shows unmitigated joy. The video of her singing along with the Go Fish guys, twirling until she couldn't stand up and giggling as she did it all again is classic!

Kristi said...

I love how LOVED and cherished Ana is by her Grammy and Sampa! :) Their comments made me cry and become even more endeared with this little girl that I only "know" from a distance! She's a special girl, that's for sure!