Wednesday, July 23, 2008

An Inconvenient Poop

Zoodle poops pretty infrequently. Considering that fact, his inappropriate timing on this trip has been pretty amazing.

Part 1: Da Plane! Da Plane!

Yes, our little guy who will go days between poops timed that bodily function just wrong, giving us a nice surprise on our flight here.

Changing diapers on the top of a closed toilet in a Southwest Airlines lavatory is a little inconvenient. And it was a stinky one, too--just ask the flight attendant who knocked on the door to offer me a plastic bag for the toxic waste my sweet little guy produced.

Part 2: Oops! He Crapped My Pants!

Thanks to another unexplained fever on Zoodle's part, we headed into town today to get him checked out at the Urgent Care. (He's fine; it's probably a virus.) I had him standing on my lap, diaperless, since he'd just peed into the little stick-on bags they use. He was only without a diaper for a few seconds, but that was enough time.


Our trip home was filled with the commingled scents of baby poop and antibacterial wipes, all emanating from my jeans.

He made up for it, though. After I cleaned up as well as I could, as we sat in the doctor's office waiting on the urine results, The Engineer was holding Zoodle and "flying" him toward me repeatedly. "Super pooper!" The Engineer was saying. "Coming to get Mommy!" Zoodle rewarded us with his first real laughs. That amazing, musical sound of a baby's first giggles gave me happy tears and lifted my spirits.

Too bad it didn't lift the stains out of my pants, too.


Anonymous said...

do you guys go to the doctor everytime your kids have a fever??? I would be broke! :o)

Angie said...

OMG! I can totally imagine the drive back and the smell. Paige can clear a room & bring tears to your eyes as you run screaming from the room. I can just imagine if we had to keep it on a plane for an entire flight. People would be begging to be let off the plane!

beckiwithani said...

Well, at least you can guarantee that those experiences created many, many laughs to echo Eli's! Real-life situations make the best comedy. (What's that phrase ... "I'm not laughing at you, I'm laughing because of you"?) That's so exciting about his first real laugh. What a great sound.

I don't know if you remember, but "Super Pooper" was Molly's main nickname for the first several months. It's even written in her baby book as her nickname. And man, did she live up to it. I'm always amazed that a kid like her, who used to go 3-4 times a day when breastfed, is "normal" ... and so is a kid who goes 10-20 times LESS often, like Eli. Hey, how are those Target diapers working for you? If they don't work, we actually really like the Wal-Mart premium ones. Of course, the diapers we hate always are great for you differently-shaped kids, and vice-versa!

I'll reply to our Twinterpretations blog soon. I've had one of those really miserable summer colds - the kind that has sent Molly into more than one tantrum because of me croaking, "Mommy can't read to you right now; it really hurts to talk."

C. Beth said...

Rebecca--No, believe it or not, we have even MORE fevers than doctor visits! Aargh, my kids get fevers if you look at them wrong. I tend to be pretty proactive with high fevers, and fevers in smaller babies. His fit both of those criteria, and it had stuck around a couple of days or so, so we decided to get it checked out.

Becki--Ana was a very frequent pooper too so I figured Eli would be! After about a month he settled into his infrequent timing and I was SO glad. So you have hope, maybe the next one will poop less frequently! The Target diapers are working great for Eli! On this trip we bought Wal-Mart brand (didn't realize they had a premium brand; these are just the normal Parent's Choice ones) for both kids, and we don't care for them. It'll be back to Target when we get home, and I might even switch to Targer brand for Ana too.

I'm so sorry you are sick. Being sick is twice as bad when you're watching a child all day long too. :( Thanks for letting me know why you hadn't responded. :)

C. Beth said...

P.S. Angie--I THOUGHT Ana had stinky poops. Man, hers smell like roses compared to Eli's. I guess if Eli and Paige were in the same room they could clear a whole building! LOL!

Angela said...

I'm sure they could. My sister in law didn't believe me. Then she watched Paige while we were out of town for the weekend in June. When we came back we were regaled with the story of her clearing 4 adults & 1 teenage boy out of living room!

Julie said...

Ah yes, stories of infamous poops. My first son was infamous for having a massive poopy blowout every time we ate out in a restaurant. Yep. Blowout. Every time. Only when eating out.

We thought our second son was going to skip this sad little "tradition" yet last Saturday as we our food showed up for my hubby's last meal with his family for three months huge blowout. Poop all up his back, side to side, all over me, shirt, pants, thick, yellow mustard-like poop. Guess what? No back-up outfit in the diaper bag, we had moved it to a different bag the day before and switched back and forgot to restock. Oi. I'm so glad I'm not alone.

Mommy Vern said...

I can't even I don't even want to imagine! Garrett was going once a day, every morning like clockwork and 3 days ago, he stopped and hasn't pooped yet. I am worried we are in for a blowout! I'm curious as to what causes the differences in babies. Oh and he has been having major gas, that Bryan says is starting to stink. (I can't smell anything- a blessing and a curse)

Oh and just wondering, I read about the Target diapers...I liked them, but I thought they run way small. We bought some in a size 2and I had to stop using them bc they were too tight. Of course, I knew he was out of 2's in pampers, but I thought they might be different. We are using huggies for now and I think those run too big. Can't wait for my move to cloth!