Friday, July 11, 2008

I definitely deserve a pat on the back for this!

I've had various accomplishments in my life...personal, vocational, academic. But this tops them all.

I cut my daughter's bangs.

And they don't look freakish.

I'm telling you, this is big stuff. I tried cutting my bangs twice when I was growing up. Both times were disasters--I had to wait for the too-short bangs to grow out before I was fit to be seen in public again.

I insisted I would never cut my daughter's bangs, that I had learned my lesson. So for the last year I've been letting her hair get too long and taking her to get it professionally cut--lately just taking her with me when I get mine done. But that seems like a waste of money, and I am now growing out my own hair and won't be getting it cut as often.

So I spent $6 on a pair of haircutting scissors at Wal-Mart, Googled "how to trim bangs", and pretty much followed the instructions in the first link on the results list.

I should have taken "before" pictures of my poor girl with her hair in her eyes, but I didn't. I do have a photo, however, of the imperfect but passable finished product.


Of course, the "how-to" link above didn't include a very important kid-specific instruction...bribery.


And just because I think it's cute, here's how the back of Chickie's hair looks today.


I'm thinking I may even try trimming the rest of her hair which is getting split-endy. But first I need to stock up on Dum Dums...and courage.


Special K said...

She is darling! I LOVE it!!!! Sylvie started pulling ponytails out and we made our way over to the nearest Kids Snips so some professional could cut her hair while she rode atop a pony. Yes,priceless. But if she had bangs, I would so be on google quick as lightning!!!!

Angie said...

Too cute! If we didn't have an Aunt Wii (and free haircuts for life) I would be trimming bangs myself too. They grow too fast to pay someone else to do it.

Kristi said...

Good job, mama! She looks adorable! Good job improvising on the bribery! :) We resort to a little cup with chocolate chips in for the boys' haircuts!

*The pic on Jason "squishing" your head is hilarious!!!

Kerri said...

You are brave. I tried to trim my 4 year olds bangs once and her preschool professional pictures will always be the proof of how badly it went.

Becky said...

I think she looks fabulous! Great job!

Anonymous said...

LOL! You totally deserve a pat on the back! I can barely get my daughter's hair into a pony tail w/o a battle, lol.

Shannon said...

Great job! And cute hair-do. I suggested that I try to cut Annika's hair myself because I am afraid of what someone else would do to it, but my mother in law looked at me like it was a bad idea. Way to go! Oh, and I also stock up on dum-dums, whenever I need to do anything to A's hair.