Friday, March 12, 2010


When you've got a 4-year-old who has a mind of her own, likes to make messes, and is independent one second and insistently dependent the next (in other words, a normal 4-year-old), sometimes it's easy to forget just how far that kid has come.

So I'm pleased to review with myself (and you) some of the not-so-pleasant activities or phases Chickie has left behind. (Click the links to read old blog posts with Chickie stories in them.)
I suppose I could put a list here of all the unpleasant things she's doing right now, but I'd prefer not to. Instead, I'll focus on the fantastic 4-year-old she is. She loves to learn. She makes her brother laugh. And whenever she can, she picks flowers for me.


I love my girl, through the easy phases and the hard ones!


Unknown said...

It is hard sometimes isn't it? God is so awesome though...and I know sometimes I have to almost force myself to look at the good things (especially on a bad day) but it's those good things that make you all warm and fuzzy inside...and beaming on the outside!

(on a side note...WOW!!! What a run-on!)

Call Me Cate said...

It was fun to take a look back at some of Chickie's shining moments. She's a precious little munchkin for sure.

Our Scoop said...

Ok, hilarious list! You have some awesome stories!!! She looks so adorable there. It is so sweet that she picks you flowers! Love that!! Another of my fave picks is when you got that new outfit in the mail and she was wearing it - the one that gal darling!

Mrs. Kelly Rooks said...

I cracked up reading that list!! I am such a germaphobe, that I would have seriously died from mine hair washing in the toilet or licking the floor @ McD's! I did have trouble with my oldest putting his boogies on the wall just three feet from the bathroom, and on the wall right above where he sleeps! He called them his "booger walls!"ha!

MaryBeth said...

Thanks for reminding me to focus on the fantastic! My 4 year old luckily hasn't had many difficult phases...but my 9 month old is a whole different story. Recently things have been rather tough, and I have found myself wishing the days away, just waiting for him to grow out of this phase. I needed this reminder to cherish the moments, no matter how difficult (or annoying!) they might be.