Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Interesting choice of words, Chickie

Chickie was taking a bath yesterday. She has a set of foam letters and numbers that float, or can be stuck to the side of the tub. She took a small toy dog and set it on the "O." It was light enough to float nicely.

"Mommy!" Chickie said excitedly, "This doggie is waterboarding!"

I suggested perhaps "surfing" would be a better term, but she insisted it wasn't surfing. It was waterboarding.

Let's be careful who we talk to about your new waterboarding hobby, okay, Chickie?


Kara said...

HA! Thank you for my first morning chuckle! :-D

Call Me Cate said...

Maybe you prefer her to use the word "surfing" but even the government seems to approve of "waterboarding". Chickie was just being politically correct!

Heidi said...

That's hilarious!

Our Scoop said...

Ok - being very honest here and feeling dumb. I didn't "get" the post today. I'm not as smart as your other 3 commenters!! I knew it was supposed to be funny but didn't know why. I used wikipedia and now I get it :) Funny!