Tuesday, March 10, 2009

We start 'em early


(That's a Starbucks cup.)


silver star said...

lol! When my friend's son was about a year old, I fed him an oatmeal cookie and some tea at room temperature for breakfast. Doesn't Starbucks sell warm milk as well? I know they sell hot chocolate and tea as well. I'm just trying to keep you out of the running for worse parent of the year award.

Crazy Mo said...

My parents will tell you the story of when the Priest (yes, a Priest, no less!) came to visit for dinner one night when I was but a wee lass. He insisted on feeding me beer. And I wonder why I have such a fondness for the brown pop!

Call Me Cate said...

I can't believe you waited THIS long to introduce him! That shows great restraint on your part. Cute picture!

Unknown said...

I think I'll send him his own SB Gold Card for his birthday. Sampa

Isabella said...

Zoodle is one lucky kid...our daughter only gets Dunkin Donuts coffee. ;)

(Side note: he looks like such a little man in that photo - especially the hair)

Cheaper Than Therapy - Take 2 said...

Ha! I have one gratuitious Starbucks shot with Gunny. My good friend is the manager of our local Starbucks and she got a total kick out of it. And, he got a free cocoa :-).


beckiwithani said...

I've gotta disagree with one of the above commenters. If you really loved him....

You'd get him Dunkin' Donuts.

TesoriTrovati said...

Does he have Starbucks gift cards on his birthday list? HA!
When I was a baby my parents used to dip my pacifier in either brandy or Kahlua. I always slept so peacefully. It's a wonder they didn't get hauled in to social services. And now I have a strange craving for chocotinis! (No, not really. But the liquor part is true!) I guess I turned out normal.
Enjoy the day!

Eternal Lizdom said...

Judge not... hahaha!!

I'm giving you a blog award. Swing by later to pick it up!

H.K. said...

That picture would have made a great prompt for "the one minute writer!" Caption could be..."Kid prefers Starbucks over bottle." or "Kid goes wild on Starbucks!"

Okay..I should stop right there, while I'm ahead. Great blog!

C. Beth said...

Sara--MILK BEFORE HIS FIRST BIRTHDAY?! GASP! ;) So, is the award for worst parent of the year a good one? I may need to work harder for it if it is.... (By the way, The Engineer had finished his latte, so if Zoodle got any, it was minimal.) :)

Crazy Mo--That is a great story!

Call Me Cate--Ha!! Thanks, though how do you know I wasn't giving him straight espresso at 2 weeks?

Dad--Oh, great idea! I--uh, I mean he--would put the card to great use!

Isabella--Ha ha ha!!! Yeah, we only go for the expensive coffee for our kiddos. People have been commenting about him looking older since his last haircut.

Sandi--Free cocoa? That's a cool Starbucks manager!

beckiwithani--When we visit you we'll make sure he drinks several cups of DD coffee every night. Then I'll let him sleep in your room. :)

Erin--That is hilarious! I have heard of other parents doing the same thing, for teething, especially in past decades....

Liz--Exactly! "He who has no sin can cast the first stone," right? Thanks for the blog award!

H.K.--Yee haw! It would be a great photo for a caption contest!

Our Scoop said...

Hilarious pic! I'm glad it was SB and not a bottle of beer. For some reason, I can't laugh at the beer one even though I know it's a joke! (we had friends who had a beer pic with their baby). The coffee one is CUTE!!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL. Just today Paxton was tasting my double espresso and he LOVED it! I just dipped my finger in and let him taste it, and I was very surprised to see he liked it. Christian was the same way.... if Chase leaves a coffee cup near reach he always seems to find it and have the last bit at the bottom. I have no doubt they will both be coffee addicts, lol. I guess it's my fault for drinking so many frapps while pregnant, lol.