Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday Micro: Little thieves

Jonah Lisa from The Toby Show lives in a small town, and her local newspaper prints the Sheriff's Office call log. In a popular and often hilarious series, "Sheriff's Log," JL reprints the oddest tidbits.

Last week's entry included the following gem:

FEB 28

1:38 pm A woman reported that her son stole candy from the grocery store. She had already spoken to the store manager but wanted an officer to talk with him.

I think the mother who made that call is awesome, and if either of my kiddos ever swipes a Twix bar , I just may have to plagiarize this idea.


Anonymous said...

I whole-heartedly agree. A mother who teaches her child to understand that there are consequences for actions demonstrates an awesome love and desire for her child to grow into a responsible adult. Way to go, mama!

Kara said...

Yikes - depending on the age of the kid, that seems a bit extreme! Returning to the store, apologizing to the store manager - I can see that. Talking to an officer seems a bit harsh. Of course, I'm picturing my 3-year-old - I guess an older kid would be different, and whether there was true intent to steal (I've certainly had to confiscate items that Abby has grabbed on our way through the check-out line - but she's not purposely stealing. Just grabby.)

C. Beth said...

Anna L.--And such an appropriate consequence, that really has something to do with what the child does--it would be memorable, wouldn't it?

Kara--Actually Chickie tried to swipe something the other day--thankfully I realized it as we were leaving, so we didn't get out the door. I definitely wouldn't do this type of discipline with a child the age of her and Abby--I'm thinking more of an older kid who knows better and tries it anyway. And I wouldn't want the child to be thrown in juvy--just to have an officer explain to them what consequences of stealing could be if they do it again and get caught by the police. I agree, though, for a child too young, it wouldn't be appropriate!

Isabella said...

I agree with you (especially with your comment above - an older kid getting a talking-to would be a good idea).

I read those "Sheriff's Log" entries occasionally - they are hysterical. :)

CDB said...

Wow.. awesome. Taking personal responsibility for not just her son.. but making him take it as well! Something we can teach children from a very early age. Great micro!

Our Scoop said...

Wow! Harsh! I guess depending on how old the kiddo was...Andrew accidentally "stole" some nose spray for me in Walmart one day. I found it in my purse (because I asked him where he put it) after we had gotten to the car. You know how nothing happens fast at all my meat and ice cream are melting in the car as we schlepp back into the store to admit that we are thieves. The people just gave me a look - no thanks for coming back but no arrest was made either - thank the Lord :) Anyway, I was SOOOO embarassed! But hopefully it will not happen again. I don't think he has the concept of stealing yet but we did have a MAJOR discussion on the way home :)