Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday Micro: Unique Zoodle

Every mom thinks their kids are unique, but Zoodle really is.

He took his first steps on Saturday.  Now, be honest with me....

How many babies do you know who walk before they have any teeth?


Anna said...

LOL so cute!
My Matthew got his first tooth and took his first steps at 10's pretty cool! LOL

Call Me Cate said...

I don't know any babies who walk before they have any teeth. But, then, I don't really know many babies. Zoodle seems like a pretty cool one though.

Congrats Zoodle!!!

Crazy Mo said...

You'd think this would the norm, wouldn't you? I mean, think about it. Less stuff to break when they fall over, right? Maybe this is why the first set of teeth aren't permanent. I think Dr. Zoodle will sound pretty good!!

beckiwithani said...

Post a video! I want to see that cute gummy grin while he's toddling, falling, toddling, falling. Love that stage.

Anonymous said...

How great for you! My April '08 baby started walking last month, and I nearly had a heart attack! Congrats on your major mommy milestone!

Kara said...

Yay Zoodle! (maybe it's a boy thing - I know two little boys who walked before sprouting their first tooth!) We need video - I love watching new walkers stumble around like zombies, it's so cute!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh me, me, me!! My Cassidy took her first steps about a month or better ago. And she is as toothless as you can get! My Oldest Daughter cut her first tooth one week before her first birthday and I'm expecting this one to be the same!

By the way, My name is Emily and I've followed your blog (in a curious, appreciative for insight in similar situations, kind of way) since after our April babies were born. I was from the Baby Center board for April O8. Love your blogs!

Emily B.

Isabella said...


Teeth or no teeth - that's awesome!


Faith said...

Hilarious! Good job, Zoodle.

Anonymous said...

Hooray for Zoodle!

C. Beth said...

Anna--So Matthew was both an early walker AND a late teether! That is definitely brag-worthy! :-D

Call Me Cate--As a totally biased mom, I can assure you that, yes, he is a cool baby.

Crazy Mo--Ah, good thought! The first set of teeth are just the starter teeth--it's okay to beat them up a bit before the "upgrade."

beckiwithani--When he starts walking just a little better, I may do that!

Anna L.--Congratulations to your little walker!! How fun!

Kara--Zombies--ha! Never thought of it in that way, but that is kind of what it looks like!

Emily B.--Thank you so much for following my blog! It's great to hear from you! It will be interesting to see what happens with Cassidy. Zoodle is already older than his big sister was when she got her first tooth; hers came just before she hit 11 months.

Isabella--Yeah, it's such a fun milestone!

Faith--Thanks! He's still kind of afraid but I think he's also enjoying taking occasional steps.

Janice--Thank you!

Annje said...

Ahh. My baby just turned one, is just starting to walk and is totally toothless. So I guess there are two. Walking babies are the cutest!