Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Handmade giveaway!

2:43 p.m. PST 3/28/09:  This contest is now closed.

My mom rocks.

Mom (a.k.a. Cathy, a.k.a. Grammy) is a fantastic seamstress.  Among many other things, she makes adorable animal blankies for her grandkids and for lots of other babies.  And she's giving one away to a C. Beth Blog reader.

Because she rocks.

The lucky winner will choose either a hippo or an elephant, and there are various colors to choose from, both "girly" and "boyish" colors.

Here are examples of both blankets.  (The back ends of the blankets, not visible here, feature more little paws and cute tails.)


The blankies are made of super-soft "minkee" fabric, perfect for cuddling up with, and are guaranteed to help your child sleep peacefully within 30 seconds.  (Okay, that last bit might be more of a fantasy than a guarantee.)

Here are the rules:
  1. To enter, just leave a comment here. Any comment will do, but in my neverending quest to be entertained by you, I invite you to write a short, rhyming poem, if you're feeling creative.
  2. Encourage your friends, family, blog readers, etc. to enter this contest. In their entry, they need to let me know that you referred them...and if they win, you'll each get a blankie!
  3. I'll announce the winner (chosen randomly) this Saturday (March 28th.)  Make sure either you come back to see if you won, or that I have a way to contact you (by linking to your blog, or leaving an e-mail address.) 
  4. Mailing address may be non-U.S., as long as it's somewhere with a reasonable postage rate.  (If you're not sure, just enter, and I'll determine if the cost is reasonable if you win.  England and Canada are definitely okay.)
Good luck!  And thanks, Mom!  (You rock!)


Anna said...

Mommy needs a blankie for her bun in the oven
C Beth is soo coll I like to visit often

Kara said...

Those are so cute! Your kids are lucky to have such a crafty Grammy! Maybe she could sew in some packets of chloroform to back up that "fall asleep in 30 seconds" promise? :-p

Katie said...

those are really cute!
Count me in for sure!
But it's a little too early in the morning for me to try to rhyme anything...

Barga said...

you seriously think that i would ever come up with a funny, rhyming, or interesting post?
Nope, i just want one to store in the closet for about 10 years (hopefully that long) and then give to the fourth robert in the family...

Anonymous said...

I want that blanket for my niece
She lives close by, not in Greece
She is cute and new
loves kisses, not stew!
How was that? I teach Math, not English so not so bad, right?

Very cute! Hope I win, for Corinne! Now I can't stop rhyming!


Jenny said...

Jack loves elephants
and any animals from the zoo
He would love an elephant blanket
in baby blue :)


Those are so cute! Please pick me!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Beth's mom bangs... she bangs (american idol)

Little Sydney Grace needs a new blanket... heck, she needs a blanket period.

Call Me Cate said...

These are so adorable... I'd love to hook my friend's baby up with one. A poem, eh?

I don't have a kid
but if I did
I'd want her to sleep with this blanket.

To keep her nice and warm
and safe from harm
and so I wouldn't have to share my Slanket.

Let's call it freeform, k? But there was rhyming!

Unknown said...

I'd love a blankie
But not for me
It's for my friend
Because, you see
She's having a baby
A wee little girl
Her third lassie
A beautiful pearl
And she'd love a blankie
soft as can be
This one I might win
From C. Beth's Mommy!

Desert Grace Boutique said...

My son has a new baby
who is so, so sweet, you see.

He could be just like his daddy
and carry around a blanky 'til he's well past three.

Anonymous said...

My rough & tumbly boys
Do love their trucks & toys.

So it may come as a surprise,
That when they can hardly lift their eyes,

The first thing to see besides their thumb;
The thing that has always been number one…

Is a blankie that has been handmade with care,
A lovie to always cherish, not share.

But the baby that is now on the way,
Has no lovie to speak of, how ghast-lay!

Well this was a fun way to get my creative juices flowing early in the morning! LOL. I needed something like that, good times. Those are super cute blankets, it reminds me of a small version on the blanket your mom made for Chickie!

I can't wait to see what Zoodle's room will look like when it's all done! Sorry I don't post all the time but I do read just about every day! :)


ps- and I hope the ryhming made sense, I'm not sure how it will be formatted once it's up here, I was on Word when I wrote it.

Dani said...

Those blankets are adorable! What a wonderful Grammy! Here's a poem I wrote for a friend of mine before she found the gender of her baby and I gave her a white blanket.

Happy Happy, Joy Joy
Is it a girl, or is it a boy?
If it's a boy, so good to be true
You will wrap him in baby blue...
But if it's a girl, wouldn't have to be mink
But you could wrap her in princess pink
But as for my guess, it wouldn't be right---
So this little angel will be wrapped in white!

I should post this one on Golden Tears...I hadn't thought of it till now. Thanks.
(Please do not use this poem for anything without permission...it is copyrighted.)

Unknown said...

Okay. PLEASE DO NOT include me in your giveaway. For days I have been forced to move disembodied animal heads just to find a place to sit in my house. Soft they may be. Cute, yes. Pretty pastels all. But enough is enough!

aka Dad; aka Sampa

Our Scoop said...

Love the blankies oh so much...
I could never make such...
it would be but a sin...
if I didn't get to win.

So sad :( but I just woke up - honestly it wouldn't be any better if I had not just woken up!! :)

You are blessed to have a crafty mama! Does she sell/take orders for other things she makes?

nopinkhere said...

ooh! Those are so cute! Count me in!

EliandMe said...

Aw they are just adorable!

I don't have a poem in me today as I have been up all night with a wheezy, coughing baby - we both deserve a blankie!

Anonymous said...

I am by no mean poetic,
in fact, thinking of it gives me a headache.
But I'm a long time fan,
I like how the contest is ran,
So I'll try my hand at the contest.

Beth, your mom is so talented!! I just adore those little blankies - if I don't win, is there a place to purchase them?

Tiffany said...

Oh that would be super awesome. My son has an elephant he calls "baby" and he's "loving" on it as we speak. He would think it's cool to have a "baby" blanket!

Oh Anna from Me and My Boys (blog) had this posted and I saw her blog before I headed on over here.

septembermom said...

Soft baby blankies make me smile,
Helps keep little one asleep awhile,
Pink or blue both are so sweet,
Your Mom's sewing is a real treat!

Hi, Dani from "Dani's Daily Drop" told me to drop on by and see about this great giveaway! The blankies look adorable :)

Anonymous said...

C Beth's mom really rocks
Making blankies to show her care
My mom doesn't make blankies
C Beth: Wanna share?

Anonymous said...

My baby wants a blankie
He doesn't have one yet
To keep him feeling snuggly
So one he needs to get

I was referred by my wife (Anna L.). She is also the writer of this poem.

Isabella said...

How cute is that?!

Count this post as an entry to win,
Such a beatiful blankie, don't know where to begin,

The soft look, the cute face,
I think Eebee would get replaced.

Unknown said...

I think I'll leave a comment or two
In hopes my son will win the elephant blankie in blue
The Hippo will be fine to keep him warm
As long as it'll keep him safe during a storm
A blankie in blue will be so cute
And this my friends is where I'll stay mute!

I was reffered by Isabella

Unknown said...

Those are absolutely adorable,
and just what my daughter loves.
She has a pink minky dot blanket,
but not as cute as those above.
She can't sleep without them
and takes it everywhere she goes.
We missed placed our third one
I'd love to replace it with one of those.
Tell your mom she is awesome,
those blankets are just a hoot.
If I could win one for Natalie,
I know her reaction would be cute.

Otter Thomas said...

Hey C Beth. I came over from A Look on the Random Side.

Great blankets I want one
I hope I win one for my son
The elephant is the one I choose
I hope to hear some happy news

ammon said...

Dani referred me here. Isn't she an excellent poet?

The elephant blanket is adorable! If I were to get tagged I don't have any kids of my own, but Dani has two young boys, and they would love to have one each. <3

Shannon said...

Oh how the time does fly
My dear friend's baby is due in July

A sweet handmade blanket I think he will need

If I tried to sew one myself, I would never succeed

What an awesome giveaway! Your mom rocks!

LEstes65 said...

I'm not a referral
I'm a regular stalker
And usually on Sunday,
With you, I'm a talker
I'm writing this poem
not for the blanky
Just keeping creative
and fighting off cranky
So you can ignore me
in terms of your contest
and just get a giggle
and then maybe some rest
Then we can hang later
when we are at small group
enjoying the friendship
and reading with our troop
And now I will leave you
and stop this abuse
of poetic rhyming
I'll go be obtuse.

My apologies to any REAL poets.

Deanna said...

I'm substituting a complement for a poem: Your mom *does* rock!

(and meanwhile, I have a giveaway going for some cards my sister Julie made - check them out! deannam.blogspot.com/2009/03/giveaway.html)

Anonymous said...

Cathy's creative juices flow,
it's because of her quilting, this I know.

I don't have babies still today,
but if Cathy made it, I want one anyway!

(I'm a little better at prose, as this poetry attempt shows!)

Bri said...

I just talked to Tiffany
And if I win she will too
I'll take a blankie in pink
One for her in blue

These are adorable and even though I'm sure I won't win, it is always fun to come entertain you, Beth!

Julie said...

Wow, go Cathy-mom! I never knew she was so talented! Where's her etsy shop????

(Deanna, above, referred me!)

Sarah said...

There is a great blogger,
Her name is C. Beth
But her giveaways really
put me to the test!

Her mom appears crafty,
the blankets are sweet
to win one for my girls
would be such a treat!

Gator said...

How cute! Count me in... OH, and Anna sent me via her blog :D

Amanda said...

Oh my goodness. I am not usually one to enter blogging giveaways ever, as I am more of a reader of random, however entertaining blogs. But I love that little elephant, so I must enter this one. Thanks so much!

Lyndsay said...

I suck at poems, but I still want to win ...

Angela said...

Those are adorable! I have no creativity with poems though.

Michele P. said...

It's mighty cold outside
baby's hands are cold as ice
a cute little blankie
sure would be nice.

I can't help but smile
at such cute little animal faces
my grandbaby would love this
and take it so many places.

Your mom has such talent
that much I can plainly see
now if only Random.org
would only choose me :)!

micaela6955 at msn dotc om

Anonymous said...

Ok, I tried to make a rhyme, but poetry is not my forte. I just hope I win a snuggly for my daughter!


Anonymous said...

I love the little elephant,
I'm hoping to Canada it will be sent,
A gift for my nephew,
And many thankyou's!

Elaine R

jessjess77 said...

It is just after midnight
so my mind isn't quite right
I want to make a cute rhyme
but I can't given the late time.
I hope that I can win
A cute blanket for Amryn.


Christina said...

How fun!

My son would love a blankie...
it would be so nice when he is cranky...

I think one in blue...
would surely do.

Thanks to Grammy we might win a blanket for my Sammy!

Ok, that was crap but it is early! HAHA!!
I found this giveaway from Tiffany's blog!!

Fannyfanackapan said...

Your Mom Rocks at Blankies,
Makes Hippos pink and Blue.
She makes them out of minkee,
She does pink elephants too.

I wish I had a hippo
To send to little Megan
She made me 'Great Aunt Frances'
When she came to us from Heaven.

I could tell her about C Beth
Of Zoodle and of Chickie
I could tell her too of C Beth's Mom
and how she made the Blankie.

I will weave a tale to tell her how
The hippo swam the sea
Across the Atlantic for days and days
Until it got to me.

Gina said...

Very cute blankets. I'm sure the bun in my oven would wrap up all snuggly-like in one of these!

MaryBeth said...

Wow...very creative poems! I wish I could think of something cute tonight, but my brain doesn't function after my LO is in bed :) Still though, I would LOVE to win!

Anonymous said...

My friend Cathy is the best.
Through her life, I've been blessed.

My family and I would feel even more blessed to win one of her animal blankies.



Strange Mamma said...

Everyone here is sick so
I don't know if a rhyme can be found.
Thanks ever so much, though
for including us across the...pond?

See, I got nothin'. We sure would love the comfort of a snuggly elephant though. I'll be sure to post a link on my blog too, if I ever get a few minutes to post again.

Anonymous said...

What a cute blankie! It looks so soft; my daughter would love to have one of her own to cuddle up in....
Anna L. (*Joyful*Heart*) asked me to enter.

Anonymous said...

This is for my friend Anna Lemiuex. Jesus Loves You!

Kristi said...

Those are AWESOME!! Beth MUST sleep with 2 super soft cloth diapers to rub on her face and snuggle up to. These would be perfect for her! I'm going to see what my mother-in-law can do. So cute!!

*Sorry, too tired to muster up any creativity tonight. I know, I'm lame! :)

Courtney's Mom said...

Your blankies are cute as can be.
Too bad there isnt one big enough for me.

I would love to have one for the grands down the road.
So tell me is there a special code.

An elephant or Hippo for a girl or boy.
It doesnt matter it will be like their favorite toy.

It is time for this little poem to end.
So I hope I win for me and my friend. (Anna L. Joyful Heart)