Thursday, September 10, 2009

Preparation and perspiration

Well, we leave tomorrow on our travels around the world. (Okay, across the country, but "world" sounds so much more interesting.)

It hit me yesterday, "You know, I only have two days to get everything done." "Everything" involves...
  • Getting the house in decent shape since I probably won't be cleaning it again until October
  • Doing some grocery shopping. (The Engineer will be home while we're gone, and he's gotta eat! Plus, we need diapers and snacks for the trip.)
  • Folding a mountainous pile of laundry.
  • Packing for three people.
  • Getting some financial stuff in order.
  • Doing several hours of real estate work.
  • Doing a bit of blogging.
Um, I'm thinking I should have started on all this earlier. As I write this on Wednesday at about noon, I can't yet cross anything off the list.

But I have to say, it's been nice not being stressed out about this trip a week in advance. When the whole family is leaving and we get a housesitter, I feel the pressure to get the house in abnormally gorgeous condition before we leave.

When The Engineer is here instead of a housesitter...well, I want it to look nice, but if it was perfect, he just wouldn't feel at home, right? Besides, I figure most of his time will be spent at work or upstairs playing X-Box, with no wife to nag him with annoying requests like, "Please change Zoodle's diaper!" and "Let's eat dinner!" (In all fairness, I must tell you he is careful to try to keep his video game playing in perspective so that his family is higher priority, and I really appreciate that. I'm also glad he'll have lots of guilt-free X-Box time while we're gone.)

It's kind of like when we were engaged. Our engagement was fairly short, and I remember telling people, "Hey, planning a wedding would stress me out no matter what; might as well be stressed for four months instead of a year." So, I've got two crazy days (one by the time this posts) to get a whole lot done, but I guess it's better than worrying about it for weeks.

And if The Engineer has to fight off a few killer dust bunnies while we're gone, that's just the way it goes.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Any details you'd care to share? This sounds like a big trip for the three of you. Sorry if you've already told about it and I just don't remember, but "cross-country" and "won't probably clean again until October" make me think a lonnnng trip that is a big deal.

Just curious, in case we can still make it as a "stop" on the "tour" and I need to get the guest room ready! (which would be just great with me!) :)

Fannyfanackapan said...

Have a wonderful trip Beth. Sorry I haven't been communicating much lately, but normal service resumes soon I hope.

Enjoy yourself!

C. Beth said...

Sandra--Oh, I wish we could stop there!! I got Jet Blue passes (one for me, one for Chickie, and Zoodle flies on my lap) that allow us to travel all we want from 9/8 through 10/8. So first we came here to Arizona to see my parents (via Long Beach, unfortunately, since Jet Blue's schedule is kind of limited from where we live.) We'll be here for a week, then headed to Portland to see my brother. Then back home for 2 days, then 5 days in Boston to see my sister. Back home for 2 more days, then a weekend in NYC with my sister (without the kids!)

Frances--Thank you! :)