Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday Micro: Smart grammy

My mom and I were playing the dice game Yahtzee the other day. Chickie, Grammy, and I had this conversation:

Grammy: "Chickie, can you say, 'Yahtzee'?"

Chickie: "No, I can't say that."

Grammy (referring to an earlier conversation): "Well, you can say, 'Boston, Massachusetts.'"

Chickie: "Um, I don't think I can say that anymore."

Grammy (with a gleam in her eye): "You can't say what?"

Chickie: "Boston, Massachusetts."

Me: "Chickie, you have a very smart Grammy."


LEstes65 said...

Your mom totally rocks.

Mike Fan said...

I 200% agree.

Anonymous said...

Such a cute story -- Grammy IS clever. And I LOVE Yatzee. :)