Monday, September 7, 2009

Monday Micro: Weekend music

Music we heard around our house over the last couple of days...
  • Little Sis laughing at You Tube videos
  • Rain hitting the roof, the windows, and the thirsty land
  • Zoodle giggling at nothing in particular
  • The Engineer's feet walking out of the room, both mornings, so that I could sleep in
  • The sizzle of onions and garlic, cooking in olive oil
What music did you hear this weekend?


Monica said...

Great idea. I heard
-squeals of toddler laughter
-electric guitar from my oldest's room
-whiring of the washer and dryer
-more silence that normal as two boys are gone for spend the nights

stacief said...

Right now I am listening to the sound of hammers hitting duplo blocks and squeals of laughter from my 2 boys.

And, amazingly enough, they started singing the clean up song and putting the blocks away.


2cats said...

The music that I heard was:

Squirrels getting ready for winter. They were chattering the in the woods.

The sound of acorns falling from the trees.

Coyotes after dark, howling and yipping.

A gentle breeze through the trees.

LEstes65 said...

The one that sticks in my head is Lil'Bro's shrieking giggling as he wrestled with Pokemon Boy. And today, we had a full on orchestra consisting of 2 grandparents, 4 parents and 5 kids. It was mayhem and I loved it.

Our Scoop said...

Lots of birdies eating food from our trees...shoveling of dirt from the hubby digging trenches on our property to help the rains that come to not completely tear up the whole driveway...chugging of choo choo trains while my baby plays Thomas (all day long).