Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Baby shower games (wanna play along?)

Note: Yes, this blog has been VERY baby shower-centric lately. Tomorrow we will be back to our regularly unscheduled programming.

Some people hate baby or bridal shower games. Others (like me) are a little disappointed if there aren't any games at a shower. So for last weekend's shower I tried to plan games that were fun, quick, and minimally-annoying. They turned out pretty well. These are the two we played.

Baby Name Word Game:
*I don't know who to give credit to, but I think I'd heard of this game from someone before....

I typed the baby's full name (first/middle/last) at the top of the page, and filled the page with blank lines. Guests were instructed to use the letters of the baby's name to make as many words as possible (3 letters or more, no proper nouns.)

After three minutes, they counted their points. (3 or 4 letter word: 1 point. 5 letter word: 2 points. 6 letter word: 3 points. Etc.) The winner had 49 points--wow! Even the grade school-aged girls got into it--one young girl was very proud to have come up with two words!

The Price is Wrong:
I looked at baby gifts on the Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue websites. I found five examples of ridiculously-priced gifts, and at the shower I distributed this handout:

baby shower game

I then gave descriptions of each gift, and asked the guests to guess how much they thought each one cost. (Go ahead, play along! See if you can beat the top scorer from the shower!)

Here were the gifts:
From Neiman Marcus:
1. Pink Lamb Footie by Burberry (footed pajamas with a picture of a lamb on the front and the Burberry checks on the soles of the feet)
2. Burberry checked bib (cotton bib with the Burberry tartan print on it)
3. Heart-shaped bar of baby soap, Noodle & Boo brand, 100% vegetable oil, 9 oz.
From Saks:
4. Armani Baby pacifier with plastic case
5. Silver ringed heart rattle, Cunill brand. 0.9 ounce, 2 inches in diameter. Description on website: “An adorable rattle is designed in super-shiny sterling silver that’s guaranteed to intrigue little ones!”

Okay, have you written down your guesses? I'll give you the real prices, but first, here's how to score it: Determine the difference between your guesstimate and the real price for each item. Add the difference for all five items. Do NOT take positive or negative difference into account. ($20 over is 20 points; $30 under is 30 points.) Whoever has the lowest score, wins.

Ready for the real prices?
1. Footie: $100
2. Bib: $55
3. Soap: $15
4. Pacifier: $50
5. Rattle: $181

How did you do? The winner at the shower had a low score of 119 points--not bad!

By the way, this game of course wouldn't be suitable for all baby showers. If you're planning a high-end shower, and the mom is registered at Neimans and Saks, this might not be appropriate. But I hope never to plan one of those showers, because doubt homemade pita sandwiches would be chic enough!


beckiwithani said...

WOW, I wonder if the super-annoying spammer got the answers right!

I was $175 off. The only answer where I was really close was the soap (I said $18.) I was way under on all of the rest. Sheesh! Fun game, though. Did you think of it yourself?

Call Me Cate said...

I'm not a big fan of shower games but these I could get into! I'd much rather guess prices or make words from baby names than to check diapers for melted candy bars or taste baby food.

Awesome job, Beth. If I ever have one of those little munchkins, I'm going to put you in charge of my shower! Just promise to bring the hummus.

Rachel Cotterill said...

None of my friends in this country has ever had a baby shower, but I'm with Cate: if I have kids, you're in charge ;) You could make the price game harder (and for a wider audience) by mixing some surprisingly-cheap gifts in alongside the surprisingly-pricey ones. Maybe with pictures insfead of descriptions to avoid the Armani clue!

InspiredDreamer said...

These are good games! I hate shower games on principle, so I generally sign up to coordinate them to make sure they're not all insanely dorky, like seeing how many articles of clothing I can pin on a clothesline while holding a 10-lb bag of rice and talking on a cell phone. Honestly? The baby would be easier to hold, and there's bluetooth for phones now. :)

Thanks for sharing!

LEstes65 said...

Those are cute! And those prices are insanity!!! I'm one of those shower Scrooges that doesn't like games. But I always play them. I'm not THAT much of a scrooge! You rock.

Special K said...

Beth you are crackin' me up today. Wish I lived nearby in real life, but I promise, if we get transfered to Texas, Austin will be my first choice of landing place!

party supplies said...

Hi there! I love this ideas…so cute! I actually hosted a couples baby shower for my cousin and his wife this past weekend…we did a “daddy” theme and it turned out really cute.I love your blog by the way…I check it everyday!!

Baby Outfits Today said...

What a great idea!! Never heard of this before. My wife who is expecting in a couple of months will love this idea. Thanks