Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday Micro: A break

Chickie must have really bonded with Daddy this weekend, because after I got home and she spent some time welcoming me, she still wanted to play and play and play with him.

"I think Daddy might need a break," I told Chickie when she asked him to do something else with her.

She didn't mind that at all, declaring as she hopped up on the couch where he sat, "I can take a break with him!"


LEstes65 said...

That's so sweet. Totally made me smile!

Unknown said...

Lol...gotta love kids!

Emma said...

So cute. I know the feeling, looking after my nephews. When they fall for you, they're stuck to you like glue. (:

Unknown said...

I like Chickie's answer. Hope your weekend was all you expected. Fun with your sister. Those are always special times. Glad everything went well at home while you were away. These Daddy's are special too. I'm sure you are tired traveling for a while.