Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New York City pics

Some of the best moments in New York City were...

*Seeing my good friend Ann and her two kids, J (boy) and S (baby girl.) I hadn't met sweet S yet, and holding a tiny new baby is such a joy! I've missed Ann so much, and Chickie has missed her friend J. They've all been in Jersey for the last couple of months; that's where baby S was born. They're coming home in about a week--hooray!


*Finding a relaxing place to sit and get out of the rain. (Left to right: me, brother-in-law D, and sister Becki)


*Finding my phone (after losing it for half an hour, in my suitcase.) No photo of that, but it was a glorious moment. I should lose my phone more often, just to enjoy the high of finding it.

*Enjoying a Starbucks iced coffee and "Perfect Oatmeal" (it really is pretty perfect), reading a book, overlooking a Manhattan street. Becki and D had left, so I had Sunday morning to myself, and it was such a peaceful breakfast.


*Finding my way through the subway from our hotel to JFK Airport in Queens. I'm not exactly a public transit expert, but I am proud that I navigated subways in Boston and New York City by myself on this trip!

Some other photos of memorable sights:

*The cross at Ground Zero (steel beams found there, in the shape of a cross.)



*The view from our window at the Millenium Hilton. This is Ground Zero, which is being rebuilt into a beautiful memorial, new Tower 1 (Freedom Tower), etc:


*A fish peeking out at us in the aquarium at our lunch restaurant (Soy & Sake, an Asian vegetarian restaurant.)


*The "tastiest" part of Times Square:


It was a fun weekend, and gave Mommy a much-needed break. And the kids? They did great with Daddy. More on that tomorrow.


Call Me Cate said...

Looks and sounds like you had a great time! It's interesting seeing the Ground Zero progress. We were there in January of 2002 and there was still a lot of debris to be cleared. It doesn't look all that different now in some ways, constructing and building instead of clearing the destruction.

Anonymous said...

I hope you don't mind me stopping by to comment. I ran across your blog today and absolutely love it.

What great pictures from New York, it seems like you had a great time. :-)

SurvivorBlessing said...

Hey Beth,
I made it to your blog - yeah!
It was so great to see you - it had been way too long! I am glad that you enjoyed NYC - 'cos as it happens to be my favorite city in the world (I am allowed to say that!). The highlight was seeing you! Most definitely. I am glad that we are coming home soon.
Next time, we'll plan a trip to NYC without kids, just the two of us!
Love you, A

Our Scoop said...

Wow! Super impressive and impressed! Love it!!

LEstes65 said...

Oh my goodness I can't wait to meet Baby S!!! I just showed the boys and they're crazed with wanting to see her.

2Wired2Tired said...

Looks like a wonderful trip! Glad to hear the kids did good, there's always a bit of mommy guilt when we travel so it's nice to hear that there were no worries.

I love the M&M, makes me hungry!

caryn said...

Great Pictures and sounds like you had a great time. What a crazy month of travel but I'm sure it was a blast.

I have lived South of Boston my entire life and I still can't figure out the T! We can take the MBTA Boat from my town into Boston so that works nice.

Nick said...

I love going to the city. I'm so happy I'm only an hour away. I go see the tree at Rockefeller Center each year. I heard they weren't gonna have one this year though. Has anyone heard anything about that?

Next time you go to the city you should go to Madam Teussad's (I doubt I spelled that right) wax museum. Definitely a one of a kind experience

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a wonderful trip! And, just as wonderful is returning home refreshed, isn't it? I'm glad the weekend was "no big deal" for the Engineer. What a guy! :)

Kristi said...

Sounds like a great visit with friends and family....a much needed "mommy break"! :) I always worry the kids will miss me, but come to find out they love their daddy, too! LOL!