Thursday, September 25, 2008

She has Elmo on speed dial, too

We don't have cable, so Chickie watches PBS Kids. Great shows, but I wonder if we're overdoing it.

Why? Well, she likes to play around the house, reciting, "PBS Kids doc ord." Over and over and over.

That's toddler speak for "", the website that's heavily touted in between program segments.

Hey, at least it's educational. Right? Right....?


beckiwithani said...

Ha! Now I don't feel quite as guilty about the fact that Molly yells, "DORA! BOOTS! BACKPACK! MAP! DORA EXPLORER! etc." whenever we walk in the house at the end of the day. (Actually, it's more like "Dor! Boots! Ba-pa! Map! Dor Spore!") She's figured out that this is a common diversionary tactic when we're making dinner.

Dan & Hillary said...

Of course it is educational;-) Russell has the morning line-up memorized. Oops. If it weren't for PKS kids, how would we shower in peace?

Our Scoop said...

Hilarious!! She is very smart :)

Becky said...

Ha! At our house, it's more about the movies, so Sammy will walk around saying, "Ka-chow!" (From Cars, in case you haven't seen the first half of the movie 1,528 times like I have. The second half, I think we've only seen once or twice.)

Megan Fletcher said...

Rylee was able to quote the Sunmaid raisins commercial verbatim b/c they played it every morning on PBS! "Sunlight travels millions and millions of miles to ripen and dry the fruits we need. ... Sunmaid proudly supports PBSkids." The WHOLE thing. She'd say it so fast we had no idea what it was until one morning we paused to watch tv with her! A little much some days, but it is good programming, for the most part. Just goes to show they CAN remember what they hear!!!