Saturday, September 27, 2008


There's a donut shop just outside our neighborhood, and occasionally our morning walk takes us there. After all, I wouldn't be a good American mom if I didn't ensure that my toddler filled up on fried bundles of sugar and bad carbs every so often, right?

Today was one of those special mornings. Daddy enjoyed sleeping in (much-deserved) while Chickie, Zoodle, Hammer, and I made the trek to and from the donut shop.

Do you think she liked her hand-picked donut with chocolate icing and sprinkles?

Now, I do draw the line somewhere. When my 27-pound child asked for a third donut, I wisely refused.

On a side cool is it that my almost-three-year-old will still willingly wear a bib? Please don't tell her that most kids this age have given up bibs. I'm sticking with this as long as I can.

EDITED TO ADD: On a more serious note, a friend of ours named Brent was in a head-on collision yesterday. He does not have life-threatening injuries; in fact, his injuries are less serious than originally thought, which is wonderful. However, he has torn some ligaments (knee and elbow) and they believe has broken his pelvis or hip bone. He had surgery on his ankle which had been torn open. We are so thankful that he is expected to recover fully, but The Engineer and I know how hard rehab and recovery are, for the patient and the caregiver. He is a newlywed, and his wife Lindsey is in her first trimester of pregnancy, so this is a very stressful time for them. If you pray, please pray for Brent and Lindsey. Thanks!


Anna said...

AHHH You're giving me cravings! must run to DND! LOL
BTW soo cute with the bib on, all my kids gave them up by 1!

Dan & Hillary said...

You would have loved watching 'Biggest Loser' last week when an 'All-American family' went to a donut shop to order their donuts and Bob (hot looking trainer) came out with their order. You should have seen them sink into the floor;-) Thanks for letting us know about Brent and Lindsey

beckiwithani said...

I get coffee at Dunkin' Donuts every morning (it's an East Coast thing, for you readers .. they really do have good coffee here) and occasionally they'll give Molly a free Munchkin. It was great until she started EXPECTING them. Ugh!

Laurel said...

You mean to tell me you went on a Babies Love Donuts run without me! I do miss our walks and Superdounts!

On a serious note,, your friend Brent and his wife are in my prayers. Best~

Our Scoop said...

Ooooh Ana - you and I have the same taste in donuts! Good choice!!


Becky said...

Sorry to hear about your friend, but I'm glad he's going to be okay.

And you ARE lucky on the bib front! Neither of my kids would ever wear bibs, even as little babies. I've spent a lot of time in the laundry room, fighting stains, because of that!