Saturday, September 6, 2008

Hodge Podge

Today's post will just be a hodge podge of things I've been wanting to mention.

Brownie in a cup
My Crock Pot has been getting lots of use lately due to a great blog called A Year of CrockPotting. The other day she posted directions for making brownies in the Crock Pot--in mugs. Pretty cool. Tried it last night. Haven't eaten them yet--started too late and they were cooling off when we went to bed--but I think it's such a cool idea, and it looks like they turned out great. And you can use a store-bought mix, so even the domestically-impaired would have a hard time messing up this one.

New game for Chickie
I came up with a fun new game for Chickie. Lay your toddler on the ground on his or her back with feet in the air. Put an object (book, toy, diaper, whatever) in between your child's feet and tell him/her to try to hold onto it. Tickle those tiny toes to try to get them to let go. Enjoy the giggle fest as you try it over and over and over!

Blog surfing
Ever used that "NEXT BLOG" button up at the top of my page? It's fun to scroll through the sites of other bloggers. A majority don't interest me but occasionally I come across a gem. Here are a couple I discovered the other day:
The Foolish Artist--A high school senior who is smart and artsy and promises to reveal the teenage angst she's experiencing? What a fun way to live vicariously through someone experiencing a pivotal year in growing up.
Michelle Brunner--Another artist. I just really like the look of her stuff, which is sold affordably on Etsy.

These next two topics are tips for fellow bloggers.

Backing up your blog

Fellow bloggers, be sure to check out this link on how to back up your blog posts. I haven't actually done this yet, but I plan to this weekend--I can't imagine losing all the posts I've written.

New favicon
Ever heard of a favicon? Neither had I, until yesterday. It's that teeny tiny icon up at the left hand side of the address bar in your browser. Lookie, lookie, I've got my very own favicon now! Gone is my boring Blogger "B"; enter my stylized "C". I created a JPEG on my photo editing/graphic program (Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2) and then the Icon J site converted it to a favicon, is hosting it for free, and generated the HTML code for me. (Looks like you can even create the image on that site too.) The Rumbling Lankan blog turned me on to Icon J and helped me figure out where to paste the code into my blog's HTML.


Kristi said...

Verdict, please! You MUST have tasted them by now! YUM! I love the Year of CrockPotting blog, too.

C. Beth said...

Mmm, very good! Moist on the inside and just a bit crispy on the outside. It was kind of fun eating it from a mug. I used the cheapo Great Value brand bagged mix from Wal-Mart (the small mix in a bag, not the larger mix in a box.)

Megan Fletcher said...

re: backing up your blog. never thought about it. would be a bummer to lose it all! the site you referred us to has a comment on the very end of it. i went to that site and backed up for free. seems to be a legit way to backup without hassle. just FYI. thanks for the info. and, love the C.

Anonymous said...

Yum! Those brownies look great! And the favicon thing is pretty cool. I'll have to try it.

Our Scoop said...

Wow! I am super impressed with your new blog discoveries! The brownies looked delish. With them in the cup - there is room for a scoop of ice cream!! :)

Lyndsay said...

Great tips Beth! I've also never thought about backing up the blog, but I'm certainly going to do it!

c o u r t n e y said...

At first I thought that those mugs had old yucky coffee in them, but then I read it's brownies! Now my mouth is watering for ooey gooey chocolate brownies! Fun idea!

Becky said...

I'm a fan of the crockpotting blog, too! Haven't tried that brownie recipe yet, but now I'm going to have to.

Great tips on favicons and backing up blogs! Thanks!

Kara said...

The minute Lizzy lets me eat dairy again, those brownies-in-a-mug are so being made here. I am totally addicted to that crock pot blog, too! The Favicon is SO cute, I gotta look into that!!

Anonymous said...

My mind is reeling with Favicon possibilities. Love it!

~hon~ said...

Thank you so much for the favicon info. I really appreciate it. It was very helpful. Now I've got it all changed. hehehe! I also like the idea of changing headers once in a while. Christmas is fun!