Friday, October 12, 2012

USA week!

We recently did a USA week as part of our homeschooling. I plan to do at least one more week like this during the school year--there is still a lot more I want to cover about our country!

On my Delicious page, I've bookmarked lots of ideas for doing a USA week. You can check that out here if you're planning your own USA curriculum.

The kids made lapbooks again, and they turned out great! We used parts of this free lapbook template, and added our own touches too. Again, we coordinated our theme week with Ann, and at the end of the week her son Coqui and my kids Chickie and Zoodle enjoyed presenting their lapbooks to each other.

Click any of the photo collages to see them larger!

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Coqui worked hard on his lapbook, and it turned out great!

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Here is Zoodle's lapbook. I loved the "Civil War" part of his U.S. History Timeline (top right photo.) That's one guy saying, "I Wen" (I Win) and another saying, "I Loz" (I Lose.) I also laughed at the sentence he asked me to write on his Statue of Liberty minibook: "I wish Lady Liberty was MISTER Liberty!"

Chickie was proud of her lapbook, and it turned out great. You can see in the top right photo that when she drew our first President, she thought his classic portrait was a little too somber. Her version is much more cheerful! The bottom photos show one of the votes we did during USA week. The kids and I voted for what we should have for lunch. Grilled cheese won over PB&J--in fact, it was unanimous!

I'm still really enjoying doing theme weeks in our homeschool, and I'm learning right along with the kids!

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SurvivorBlessing said...

All three did a great job with their lapbooks.