Saturday, March 26, 2011

One Bad Mother Runner

The Engineer and I are both doing a 10K tomorrow. (Notice I didn't say, "doing a 10K together." See, he'll finish about 15 minutes before I do, so even if we were in the same starting group--which we aren't--he'd leave me in the dust at the starting line!)

So anyway, we're both going to separately run 10 km (6.2 miles) in the morning, and today I stopped to pick up our race packets. There was also an expo, and I stopped at the One More Mile booth to check out their stuff. One More Mile sells really fun, affordable running gear.

I ended up buying a magnet ($4) for my car. This is overdue considering I "earned" it over three and a half months ago!

13.1 mile sticker half marathon

I also got two new sweatbands ($7 each). Now, sweatbands have come a loooong way since the ugly terrycloth things people wore in the 1970s. Today's are made of lightweight, wicking fabric...and some of them even have really fun messages on them.

This is me wearing the first one, making my "tough face."One Bad Mother Runner sweatband headband

And me wearing the second headband, making my "crazy face." (I seriously didn't even know I could do this with my eyes. Weird.)
Running is cheaper than therapy sweatband headband

One More Mile has a lot of other funny slogans on their shirts, magnets, headbands, etc. Some other examples are...
  • Will Run For Chocolate (or Beer, Wine, Ice Cream, Coffee, Margaritas)
  • Running Is a Mental Sport and We Are All Insane
  • I'm Running My Mass Off
  • May the Course Be With You

I definitely recommend checking out One More Mile for witty running and walking clothes & accessories that won't break the bank.

(As cool as it would be to get a bunch of free stuff from One More Mile, they have no idea who I am, and this is not a sponsored post.)


Special K said...

I like "I thought they said 'RUM!" I'm seriously inspired by the new to running mamas on our board! Someday my butt will get kicked into gear to get a sitter so I can run or I'll get serious about biking that I love or my husband will be home for once so I can get out and it will be SPRING in Chicago or I'll have to be one of those crazies running in below zero temps! I have gotten out for a jog and power walk a few times just because being in was driving me crazy, but there was ice on the trail even last week, so I'm itchy to get on my bike for the season!

John Sanchez said...

OMG. I want the one that says "If you see me collapse, pause my Garmin."

Call Me Cate said...

Who knew your theatre training would come in so handy for blogging?!?! You are definitely the Beth of Many Faces. Love the "Mother Runner", though the wonky eye in pic 2 is... well, I think it's a very specific skill.

Hope your race was awesome this morning!

Janell said...

This is off topic, but I love your short curly hair in these pics! Is it your natural wave, or did you do something different to it?

And, go you for running a 10K (and in under an hour, no less)!

Staci said...

I love how the wacky-eye photo of you comes up next to the 'normal' one of you on your post.
Looking forward to hearing how your run went.

Sandra said...

Love the headbands -- and your attempt to act them out! I hope it sounds like a compliment when I tell you that you appear to be much better at looking crazy than you do looking "bad". But then "crazy" probably comes easiest in life when you are raising small children. :)

SurvivorBlessing said...

I saw that sticker on your car.... and of course knew right away what it meant.
Then yesterday, I saw a car with the 26.2 on it.... I know that will be your next sticker, right?